411mania - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Preview

411mania - When Square-Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be the first regular game in the series to be multi-platform it shocked everyone. Sony lost a huge exclusive and Microsoft was now able to add another third party title to their vast library. The game came out and the majority of fans loved the battle system, but hated the linear nature of the game. I guess people forgot that Final Fantasy has not really been free roaming since FF IX. FF X and FF XII both had maps broken down into smaller sections that told you where to go. The two previous games just had more room for you to explore than XIII did. Regardless, "the powers that be" at Square-Enix felt that there was more story left to tell about XIII. So, in order to further the storytelling and solve the issues people had with the first game, they quickly announced FF XIII-2. This game will be the second Final Fantasy title to get a direct sequel in video game form. Square-Enix may not have to do much to defeat FF X...

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