Microsoft confirm problems with UK Video Marketplace

Yesterdays launch of the Xbox Live Video Marketplace in Europe saw some users experiencing problems. Microsoft have confirmed the following issues:

* Downloads not finishing
* Slow download speeds
* receiving error messages
* wrong content is downloaded

Microsoft have published a troubleshooting guide for users.
They have released this statement 'This issue is currently under investigation and we apologize for the inconvenience.'

They will also refund any Microsoft Points to customers who received content different from what they ordered.

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titntin3755d ago

OOps! Sounds like the launch of a new operating system!:)

I'm sure it will get fixed quick, a system like this needs to be robust!

Saint Sony3755d ago

That's what happens when everyone wants to test the new service at the same time.

WilliamRLBaker3755d ago

Got alot of friends on xbox live in the UK and thats basically what happend every one with an xbox live account started using the service as soon as it poped up...which caused problems, but microsoft all ways fixes this stuff so they aren't worried.

riksweeney3755d ago

I am just imagine the scene:

What the?! This isn't Transformers!

What is it?

...ah lesbians.

7GB of lesbians!

whoelse3755d ago

I would rather have lesbians than Transformers any day! :D

rmedtx8883755d ago

That's funny riksweeney. Maybe the movie was called "Transforming Lesbians"...

DarkSniper3755d ago

This is one of many problems for Microsoft and the XBOX 360. It's unfortunate that with as much money consumers spend for XBOX Live each year, it would at least offer their buyers superior service than the Playstation Network. This is not the case, once again, how long will the XBOTS take this mistreatment from their company?

No one knows this answer, not even the $niper.


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