PlayStation Vita Firmware Updated to 1.52

PlayStation Vita got its second post-release firmware update. The update takes the system from version 1.51 to version 1.52.

As with the previous update, this is just a small bug fix.

Sony did not say what exactly the update fixes. However, a number of Vita owners are saying via Twitter and blogs and so-forth that the update fixes a version 1.51 bug where the 3G system would not recognize your SIM card.

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archemides5182192d ago

man i still have to wait 5 weeks for this crap

KeybladeMaster2192d ago

Really? I only have to wait one more month :)!!!! So excited. I took an entire week off just to play with my Vita and Twisted Metal. It will be one awesome week.

ThirstyforFanta2192d ago

Are you kidding me? 5 weeks = 35 days..

Snookies122192d ago

Cannot wait for Vita, it's going to be so wonderous... Getting Hot Shots and Blazblue, sorry Uncharted, I'll get you when you drop ten bucks and become the "standard" price for a Vita game lol.

KeybladeMaster2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )


1) 35 days is not one month it's 5 weeks

2) Getting my Vita on the 15th with the First Edition Bundle. As I recall today is the 16th so... ya one more month

3) I said Twisted Metal and Vita in the same sentence. Twisted Metal releases the 14th. Why would I wait one week to play Twisted Metal?

Sorry dude but you looked way too much into my comment.

Goozex2192d ago

What I'm looking forward to is Sony releasing the remote access and playing killzone 2.

archemides5182192d ago

killzone 2 online is the BEST, they messed up kz3

cpayne932192d ago

Kz3 onine is still fun, operations was a good addition, but they need to take out the infiltrator class come next game.

rezzah2192d ago

May sound harsh, but it is people with opinions like yours that erode the originality of the KZ MP.

Smashbro292192d ago

Marvel 3 on the go? Hell yeah.

mayberry2192d ago

remote access to killzone 2 is all the excuses I need to get a VITA! kz3 online is an absolute blast! Just got good with the "sniper", It is so satisfying to hear that retort and get that sniper kill!