The Best Video Game Weapon Ever

So as of today (1/14/2012) Syphon Filter 1, 2 and 3 are available for free to Playstation+ members. I had completely forgotten about this series of games. I remember playing the demo for the original Syphon Filter game and enjoying it as a kid. I think I rented it maybe three or four times, and distinctly remember using a Gameshark to have all of the guns unlocked at the beginning of the game. I decided to download the game today to see if it has held up at all. What I discovered is that the Gameshark code to unlock all weapons was a complete waste of time.

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krazykombatant2379d ago

OMG i remember playing this on my cousins ps1 way way way back! This game was always the shit for me!

radiopools2374d ago

Yeah man, I had a major nostalgia kick to the face playing it. The outdated graphics make it look so goofy, but I love it!

totallysane2379d ago

they need to remake for ps3 or ps4

soundslike2379d ago

These games were amazing but I think if they updated them they'd just be generic shooters by today's standards. Unfortunately.

Auld2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I hate to say this but I agree, if they remade this game today for this generation it would most likely be a disappointment; that being said I remember hearing somewhere that a remake might be in development, so fingers crossed for the game not becoming a deuce if it actually does get made.

radiopools2374d ago

If not a remake, then they need to add this taser into another game and make it behave exactly the same way it did in this one. With the same sound effects and hilarious death scream sampled from SF1.

Auld2379d ago

Ah man the taser, what a fun gun, I remember it with glee as the bodies burst into flames. Just imagine if we had the slogan "don't tase me bro" back when this game was out, oh the insanity that would follow ;)

radiopools2374d ago

I tried to fit a "don't tase me bro!" joke into the article somehow but it wasn't coming to me. I just love how the bodies start to smoke before bursting into flames :D