Guild Wars 2: A Perfect 10

NowGamer - Guild Wars 2 is an ambitious game, you can be certain of that. ArenaNet has been protective of its darling, keeping a beta back from Guild Wars 2’s baying fans in favour of meticulous in-studio balancing and bug-testing.

As yet another in a series of features taking a closer look at the big name games of 2012, NowGamer takes a closer look at the elements that could make Guild Wars 2 a potential candidate for a 10/10 score at review.

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FlashXIII2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

It's an insanely hyped MMO.. it won't be a perfect 10 not even close for no other reason than the fact fan's will expect the second coming of WoW and the game can't possibly live up to those sort of expectations.


Been there heard it all before tbh. They're really trying with GW2 and I think it's going to be a great game but it will never live up to the crazy expectations people have.

Nightfallen2379d ago

Wrong, unlike other MMOs who refuse to change the basic concept of MMO's, GW2 is pushing to do things completely different. Basically, GW2 is redefining MMOs.

Fragger2k82378d ago

Well, almost every new MMO seems to claim the same thing. Nothing ever changes, though. =\ It still turns out to be just another typical grind-fest with fetch quests. The Old Republic is the perfect example. It's still the same formula as everything else. The only thing going for it (minus the Star Wars name) is the story elements and voice acting, which is definitely nice, but it's not enough.

I'm not saying that Guild Wars 2 will be a bad MMO (nor am I saying that TOR is). By MMO standards, I'm sure it will turn out to be pretty good, but anyone who expects it to be completely different from everything else will probably be pretty disappointed.

I've said this a few other times before, but the reason MMOs aren't changing, though, is partly to blame because of the type of people who play them. They're usually easily sucked in to doing the same thing for countless hours. They love their repetition. The other half of it has to do with the developers just wanting to take the easy way out and staying with the same formula that has been around since the 90's. They do that because of the first point. They know people eat that stuff up (for some reason).

Just off of the top of my head, the only MMOs that I have played and have found to be different and a lot of fun are RuneScape, PlanetSide (from the FPS MMO side), Tanarus and Infantry (if you can count those two as an MMO), and DDO.

I really like the idea of MMOs. On paper they sound epic and a whole lot of fun. It never really turns out that way, though. =\

kevnb2379d ago

when is it coming out though?

Vega752379d ago

i hope very soon. the wait is killing me

xYLeinen2378d ago

I think it all comes down what you expect (as always I guess). Dynamic events, PvP, WvWvW, and a story driven playthough is something you can expect.

Personally I'm really looking forward to GW2 and I'm enjoying the first GW2 novel at the moment. I love the universe, how the combat seems right now and a lot of ideas ArenaNet is putting together.