Playstation Battles Back Against Arch-Rival

Sony's chairman, Sir Howard Stringer, was confident yesterday that the PlayStation 3 console would bolster sales as the electronics firm moves into the next phase of its recovery.

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TUFFnNYC3937d ago

We all know this was going to happen. Its been like this the past two generations. Sony knows what there doing. PS3 for life.

boi3937d ago

You meant the Playstation brand for life...not Playstation 3...

But yes I kept saying Playstation brand will not die for these who think that way is stupid...same with Xbox and well now the Nintendo lol

TANOD3937d ago

slowly but surely 2008 will see a complete SONY domination in VDO games industry

I think SONY could buy AMD --who knows ?

rather than investing 2 b in new CELL why not buy a company which is in bad shape and concentrate on the CELL from a PC programmer's perspective

bootsielon3937d ago

You made my day with that AMD comment, because first of all, AMD competes with Sony's supplier nVidia. Second, AMD supplies Sony's competitors, Microsoft and Nintendo. Third, AMD barely bought ATI, so it's doubtful that AMD plans on being bought right after that. But hey, don't worry... I know you're not a klutz, we all know you were joking. Oh wait.

ChickeyCantor3937d ago

Everyone is defending something when article like these appear.
lets just sit back and see what happens.

everyone said the Wii wont even make it half its life cycle, o boy were people wrong.
so lets just wait and see what 2008 will bring us.

Rice3937d ago

Sony knows that there doing... even if they gaming divisions loses alot of money, it wont matter that much... Sony is gaining massive amount of money from its Tv's, and Camera's.

HarryEtTubMan3937d ago

All my freinds want a PS3... we just have to wait but I really think if anything can do it in the next years...its the PS3.

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