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XXLGaming writes, "I usually always look for a silver lining in every game I review but this is one time I just couldn't find one. I hate to rip apart a game in a review expecially realizing how much hard work and time developers put into games. With that said, Amy is just a game you should stay away from."

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CarlitoBrigante2259d ago

Deserves it, charging PSN users more while pushing it back to release it simultainously with PC/360

vikingland12259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

This game must be a big steaming pile of s#*t cuz I haven't seen even one good review. It seems unanamous among all the reviewers. However the reason you give (CarlitoBrigante) is not a good reason for it to get a poor score. If it happend to be a good game would that be reason enough to give it a bad score.