Remedy Says What Rockstar Has Done With Max Payne is "Brilliant"

Kotaku - It's never easy taking over an IP from somebody else. Especially when that IP is so iconic. Luckily, Rockstar Games is the sort of company who rises to a challenge and rarely lets us down. Although Max Payne has been in development for what seems like an eternity now, the closer we finally get to launch, the better and better it looks.

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BillytheAlien2232d ago

As I said before

They don't really have a choice to complain or point things out they find wrong.

All Remedy can do is sit back, put on a fake smile and nod their heads.

They have only been brought into the picture recently so Rockstar can try and calm concerned fans down by going "It's got Remedys approval". Any smart person who has an open mind can see this....

Remedy could hate what they've done for we know and we would never know the truth.

In my opinion from what I've seen, looks like a good action game but this is not Max Payne for a number of reasons.

Kran2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Remedy actually have more input with Max Payne than you may think. There are actually some staff from Remedy working on this game, and not just peeking at what they're doing.

Septic2232d ago

I'll wait for the reviews before I'll judge this.

Play2Win2232d ago

they know that they're doing