Hitman: Absolution Rips Off Red Dead Redemption in the Coolest Way

Kotaku - Last week, my friend and colleague Matt Cabral wrote up an excellent preview of Hitman: Absolution for Kotaku. I was given the same demonstration by IO Interactive and Square Enix this week at CES and couldn't agree with him more - the game is going to be absolutely bloody fantastic.

However, one small reason for this is because it happens to borrow one of your favorite game mechanics from one of your favorite games. Red Dead Redemption.

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Valenka2348d ago

Rips off Red Dead Redemption? Last I checked, there were games that game before Absolution that featured the same mechanic. If anything, Absolution is "ripping off" the games that "ripped off" RDR.

Valenka2348d ago

Blood Stone for instance. When James Bond has enough stealth kills, he can mark targets in slow motion and then eliminate them all in real time with headshots. In Splinter Cell Conviction, same thing.

MaxXAttaxX2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

There are several game elements that some people seem to believe are new to this generation.

Slow motion, military themed shooters, cover, survival mode, motion controls, etc etc. All done before the games many of these people believe are being copied/cloned/ripped-off.

malol2347d ago

they made hitman an action game
well I/O can suck a big fat one for screwing one of my favorite games

JellyJelly2347d ago

007 Bloodstone. Terribly underrated game. Enjoyed it immensely from the beginning to the end. The online was good as well.

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Brownghost2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

So, red dead redemption came before hitman absolution and had dead eye before hitman. It's till copied it

Valenka2347d ago

Hitman Absolution isn't the first game to "copy" the dead eye mechanic, so I don't understand why everyone's whining about it.

Bereaver2347d ago

I don't care about this honestly, so I could be wrong by a few years or so but....

What about Red Dead Revolver? The first Red Dead. Didn't it come out before Blood Stone and Conviction?

calibann2347d ago

The thing is, Hitman was never about your shooting accuracy. Some people might have played the game like a FPS, but I believe it was meant to be played as a stealth infiltrator. I used to get by missions leaving only 3-7 dead bodies. It wasn't a game that rewarded you for winning a 10 minute shootout from behind cover. I would much rather a 'takedown' manoeuvre like in Batman: AC. I like to shoot my enemies manually when I have to.

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camel_toad2348d ago

As far as I know Call of Juarez (the first one) was the first game to do this and actually did it better than RDR. Of course that was about the only thing it did better.

Rainstorm812348d ago

Did Call of juarez came out before Red Dead Revolver?

Dead eye was on there first and was one of the only things that made it into RD Redemption

Rainstorm812347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

To the non gaming disagreers that probably started gaming this gen

BlmThug2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

So this is what Hitman has become? Screw you IO, you f***ing sellouts

ThichQuangDuck2348d ago

Even though this is a little extreme, hitman adding a instinct and pause time to target all the guys your going to cinematically execute is dumbing it down. Just like splinter cell conviction did and as I am sure many stealth games will continue to do. The fact of the matter is if you do not like stealth games or trial and error gameplay than go play another simpler game. Those of us who loved Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Hitman Blood Money want a game that is not dumbed down. It is not saying as soon as we picked up a controller we understood all gameplay of those games but we learned through trial and error and by the end we were good at being stealthy. Learning through playing is what games used to be about and that is what makes them fun. Check Dark souls out, but all I can hope is that Splinter Cell 6 led by jade raymond is going in the right direction

SilentNegotiator2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I thought the new Hitman would be the last stand for true stealth. But having seen that INCREDIBLY linear library level and now knowing that they added insta-kill, I know this is just going to be another hand-holding, action-oriented, "coolio" (Read: 14 year olds being impressed by a hundred auto-sequences stapled together) game dressed up as a stealth title.

UGHHH.....darn this generation. If they MADE good stealth games, I guarantee people would buy it, but everyone has gone the safe, "accessible" route.

ginsunuva2348d ago

Lol real life Special Forces technique. I knew the government and military were hiding time distorting technology from us!

ShabbaRanks2348d ago

Still going to buy it because of my love for the franchise. But its disappointing that games keep getting easier. Health regen is now a standard in all games... I miss Health pickups and even better no ability to get ur health back up until the mission was done. The good old days. Now people want perks and abilities. I don't mind having some in a RPGs for example, but games like Hitman were about skill. You had to play a few times to get the map in your head and know exactly were the targets were. Then from there you could perfect it and finish the level silently...

Oh well at lest they will still be keeping difficulty settings. Professional HERE I COME !

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