Hands-On (Or Brains-On) With NeuroSky Thought Control System

Destroying people with a thought has never been so easy. The other inhabitant of NeuroSky's game-like 3D world collapses, dead, flattened by my psychic powers.

O.K., so it isn't psychic, exactly. It is merely a count of electrical activity in my brain, output by the company's head-mounted brainwave measurer, then translated into virtual physical action. Having taken my turn at the console and wandering for a few minutes nudging cars and sending watermelons flying, I encountered the other "player," who was doing much the same.

"Hey, you can kill her if you like," says Johnny Liu, NeuroSky's Manager of System Applications. "Crush her with a desk."

Feat accomplished, and her avatar respawns at the other end of the map. I go back to flipping, dragging and pushing objects around the game world like a drunken Jedi.

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