Quick - Grab Xbox Live 12-Mo. Gold Subscription for $36.99

Has your Xbox Live Gold subscription expired, or is it about to do so? Are you constantly harassing your fellow online comrades for trial codes to extend your membership?

If either question applies to you, then you're in much luck. The generous folks over at are retailing the $60 a year subscription for $36.99, slashing $23.00 off the original price.

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Snookies122348d ago

I guess that's a good deal... I still don't believe you should have to pay to get online access however. :\

That's just me though.

Theo11302348d ago

Wait, why do people disagree with you, I mean I don't think people actually believe that they should be charged for online access on consoles; it's just the reality they face.

_Aarix_2348d ago

Cause they CHOSE it. They felt it was worth it. If you didnt then dont pay for it. You guys have no influence in whether or not they choose to buy gold or not. All youre doing is annoying the piss out of those who do.

Snookies122348d ago

Yeah, it's okay though... People all have opinions after all. ^^ I just think if Nintendo and Sony allow you access to online for free, Microsoft should do the same. Since I have (or have had) all 3 consoles this gen, and used them extensively, I can say Xbox Live isn't any better or worse when playing games online.

gamingdroid2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )


If all you are doing online is playing, and don't care about meeting new people that talks (i.e has a microphone), smoother interface and don't care for xross game chat, party system, beacons or robust VOIP (see BF3 for example of developer implemented VOIP issues on PS3 that doesn't exist on Xbox 360)... then yes they are very similar.

Those extra features might not be worth it to many, but people like me do enjoy those features and until PSN offers them, I'm not likely to switch despite the cost.

I like the tailored interface, the features and the dashboard updates, but everybody is entitled to their opinion and I'm glad there are choices (and competitors)!

takohma2348d ago

@Snookies12 and @Theo1130
I agree with you guys. Even though I pay for online I don't believe it's really worth it. Cross game chat has really killed the online community. Everyone is always in a party and no one uses there mic for team work in a lot of games. I own all 3 and while I don't agree with paying to play this is a good deal. My live expired just yesterday and I wasn't going to renew it because I'm getting SC5 for ps3. But Ican't pass this deal up lol.

Megaton2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Don't try to be rational about the XBL Gold fee, Theo. People who pay for it get angry when you say they shouldn't have to. They don't want you defending them and their wallet. They just wanna keep handing over cash for a needless fee with their head down.

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ZippyZapper2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

We pay so we can keep getting features the competition just can not provide. Like the abillity to communicate with anyone we want, no matter what their doing. That and Live doesn't get taken off line for a month do to hacking.

I bet you hypocrites don't mind paying for PSN+

hellvaguy2348d ago

Garbage is free. I dont understand why people dont just eat that instead of paying for food.

cyborg69712348d ago

Terrible analogy. Live isnt worth a penny. If the online gaming was free, 99% of all users would have a silver account.

FlyGuyHung2348d ago

wish this was available in Canada. :(

Intentions2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I'm quite fine with my $12 a year for my subscription.

EDIT: Guys get your information right before you do anything.

MGRogue20172348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I'm really glad that I've switched over to my PS3/PSN for my multiplayer gaming. :)

I paid for Xbox Live Gold membership for three years.. I don't know what I was thinking at the time.. but just recently my gold membership expired a few days ago.. I just couldn't bring myself to pay up any longer & so now I play MP titles like Battlefield 3 & MW3 on my PS3.. & leave singleplayer type of games like Forza 4 for my X360.

I think it's the best way to go about things, really. Multiplayer titles for PS3, Singleplayer titles for Xbox 360.

I don't care about party chat because I don't have any friends that play online.. well, none that use headsets anyway.

I also believe that multiplayer on Xbox Live should be free from here on out. There's just no need for Xbox Live members to keep paying for the service any longer seeing as how Microsoft are loaded with cash nowadays. If it was free, I wouldn't have switched over to PS3/PSN.

Britainz-Fin3st2348d ago

Good for you,

But i do suggest you make some friends and play with a decent party before you right it of completetly.

If you said however you use your PS3 for offline and xbox for online i would totally agree with you.

Playstation games you usualy have to think about when your playing the campaign, xbox its usualy pretty linear and i find myself following the set path blowing everything up on the way.

takohma2348d ago

I'm kind of in @enkeixpress boat. It's hard to make friends on 360 when everyone is always in parties already. And contrary to what I've heard about more people use mics more on 360. It's only through party chat. I'm often in a room of BF3 & gears 3 with no one to talk to but myself

Britainz-Fin3st2348d ago

I agree about gears and bf3, certain games though like forza the majority of people have a mic, u just hve to make the friends to experience the party lobbys.

AusRogo2348d ago

I wish it was free, here in aus its like 80 bucks for a year, I could just buy a game or 2 with that..

gamingdroid2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

In some ways, not having it free means less likely to meet @sshats online since you can always create a new account.

Also, playing in a social setting where people communicate in a team is very rewarding and fun.

The other thing, is that on the Xbox 360 there is a tried and tested VOIP for all games. So games like BF3 that has VOIP issues on PS3, don't occur on the Xbox 360....

Some people don't utilize online enough top justify $40/annually and PSN is a fine free alternative.

birdykilla2348d ago

Pay $36.99 for a service that should be free. I stopped paying for Xbox Live last year and will never spend money on it anymore. There's times I'm playing a single player game like skyrim, then there's times when I've played out most of the games like Halo, COD, L4D, and Gears and have no reason to waste money for online when I sometimes will use heavily and other times not so much. Plus I also have a PS3 and PC so I'd get most games for them instead cause they don't charge for a service that has always been and should always be free to begin with. Then there's the whole "online pass" thing on top of that.

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