GameSpy's Game of the Year nominees: Halo 3 Interview

Hail to the Master Chief:

This year, Halo 3 made history. The game brought in $170 million in sales in 24 hours, outpacing big Hollywood movie releases like "Spider-Man 3". After just one week on the shelves, the latest Halo game had earned over $300 million, and had racked up 40 million hours of online gameplay on Xbox Live.

But underneath those numbers rests the game itself, a solid single-player campaign buttressed by some of the best multiplayer action available on any console platform. In honor of Halo 3's nomination for GameSpy Game of the Year, GameSpy briefly spoke with Writing Lead Frank O'Connor about Halo's legacy, the community's reaction, and more.

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MK_Red3846d ago

So Halo 3 is one of their GOTY noms. If there are 5 noms for GOTY, then only 4 places are left and there are far more great games than 4.
BioShock, Super Mario Galaxy, COD4, Rock Band, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Crysis, Zelda DS, GOW2, The Orange Box...
This is a really crazy year.

RadientFlux3846d ago

OH NO positive Halo 3 news... time to bring out the mindless fanboy masses to now flood the comments with Halo 3 sucks comments.

FirstknighT3846d ago

Yeah I expect the sony droids to come in here with their jealousy. Fact is no other game has done what Halo 3 has done.

marcdz13846d ago

Unlike you xbox douches we don't care. That's good that it got that. We have games of our own to play.

DarkSniper3846d ago

Dark $niper can appreciate a sincere post like that. Not only does PLAYSTATION 3® owners have their own games to play, the games that are on PS3 are all solid across the board. Going from 8.0-10.0. With Microsoft's system, either the game will be rated 9's and 10's or it will be rated completely low. As of late, most XBOX games have been in the lower tier.

2008 looks very bleak for the Green Team.


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