The THQ Rumour Mill - What to Believe?

The internet has lit up with rumours about the imminent demise of THQ - Capsule Computers takes a look at the story so far.

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futurefrog2228d ago

I don't think THQ will survive this decade. They just keep making bigger and bigger mistakes without fixing them.

just_looken2228d ago

that and the competition is getting richer all well it happened to atari now thq. soon just like console's we will have 3 large company's making games no one else except the odd individual dev.

masterabbott2227d ago

I hope the go under, they make shit games anyway.

zeal0us2228d ago

Well THQ fought the good fight, release some pretty decent titles....and some terrible ones. If it is true I wish the best for their employees' futures.

moosekebabs2228d ago

I'm sure I saw something earlier that said their WWE servers were down...can't find it again (another twitter thing) but possibly another hint that something's up, or you know, completely unrelated.

masterabbott2227d ago

The WWE should look into finding a better company to do their Wrestling Franchise since THQ Took it over the series has been on a constant downward spiral. I think give it EA, they have better technology and more far more resources.