iPhone gets Gravity motion-sensing game

If you've used the iPhone, you'll know about its motion-sensing features, used mainly to flip photos from portrait to landscape viewing or to do the same thing for websites.

However, developers creating web games for the iPhone can also tap into the feature, and an increasing number are. The latest is Under Clouds Games with its Gravity game.

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MK_Red3754d ago

Sounds and looks sweet. Gotta try it soon.

PS360WII3754d ago

They do have a Labyrinth game for the iPhone if you unlocked it. Glad they are getting some of these through websites though ^^

cow moolester3754d ago

I just ordered my Iphone with a stealthsim :) Can't get em her in Ireland yet :(

Capt CHAOS3754d ago

Now I can get it to measure how fast I fall, measure gravity, when I'm falling, when I drop it, how far I drop it, when I go on a rollercoaster, how fast my easyjet flight to ... is descending..

Yawn.. Just give me a phone that does what it says on the lid, doesn't crash and will bounce on concrete..

marcellizot3754d ago

Have to say, awsome avatar Capt Chaos!