Razer’s CEO Says He is "Sick and Tired" of PC Giants Not Innovating and Taking Risks

Dave Oshry: As you may already know, Tan is no absentee CEO. He is deeply involved with the design, development and marketing of all Razer products. Known as a staunch supporter of hardcore PC gaming and innovation, Tan recently proclaimed that PC Gaming is Not Dead in a viral campaign that led up to the unveiling of the Razer Blade gaming laptop and more recently, the aforementioned "Project Fiona" gaming tablet. As he proceeded to give me a demo of Fiona and noticed how impressed I was, Tan told me that he simply couldn't get his mind around something.

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zeal0us2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Some risk aren't worth taking like high price gaming tablet on a market where apple ipads and android tablets are dominating. Can't wait when this project fails and Tan gets hit with a demotion or just plain fired.

ATi_Elite2230d ago

...........but your products suck and or are overpriced.

The tablet with the two PSMove controllers stuck to it is just WRONG! Nobody is gonna buy that.

The Razer Blade laptop....Now i love the secondary macro screen but I've seen more powerful laptops (Cpu/Gpu wise) for way cheaper like the Gaming Laptop from Asus.

Razer Blade = $2700 Dual core i7 and GT555M 2GB DDR5 Vram and 1920x1080 LED screen

Asus G74sx = $1650 4 core i7 and GTX560M 3GB DDR5 Vram and 1920x1080 120hz 3D LED screen

OcularVision2230d ago

Innovation? The only thing Razer has done is make overpriced merchandise and an absurd laptop.

Ps3-PCgamer2230d ago

Yeah Apple pretty much has the whole Tablet thing wrapped up imo. I don't see why anyone would want a Tablet dedicated to gaming anyway. most of the games I see on them is something that would occupy your attention no more then 30 minutes then you turn it off. There May be a Niche market for this thing but If I want to play "PC" games I Play them on my "PC"

ninjahunter2230d ago

Good for them, No point in harvesting $60,000,000 and not using it.

Brownghost2230d ago

what innovation? actually try innovation rather than shrinking everything, and im happy with my gaming computer

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