Razer's Project Fiona - A Handheld Killer?

Razer's Project Fiona is a tablet and a PC in one device. It uses a Windows 8 Operating System and runs on an Intel i7 processor. It's a thing to behold, however Project Fiona is still in the prototype stage.

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zeal0us2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

The only thing that it will manage to kill is itself especially at that price. For that price ppl can build an med to high-end desktop and still have some money left over.

bodybombs2349d ago

it wont be a total bust though, there is a market for gamers on the go who want more than just timewaster games. this will allow people to play their AAA games anywhere.

that being said, i cant see it being a super hot seller. too expensive for kids, and too expensive for most young adults.

Jio2349d ago

@bodybombs, if adults want an actually portable system to play AAA games on, they could get a Vita and use the rest to build a decent rig.

dedicatedtogamers2349d ago

Notice how every single new gizmo is a "handheld killer", yet no one entertains the notion that the 3DS or Vita are mobile gaming killers...

What has gaming come to? It's as if journalists WANT gaming to dissolve.

CarlitoBrigante2349d ago

I can't think about anything more useless than this.

Spitfire_Riggz2349d ago

Yeah I have never been a fan of tablets. Why not just get a laptop? I dont know I dont see the attraction

Fishermenofwar2349d ago

more like a pocket book Killer

OmniSlashPT2349d ago

Let's face it.

If I want a high end PC, it would be a desktop, and it would be way cheaper than this Fiona. However, if I wanted an handheld, I would get the Vita or the 3DS, or even and iPad which are waaaaay cheaper than this. Besides, the Fiona is not truly an handheld, you can't put that in your pocket, and I find it hard puting that into anywhere becayse of those horrible 'psmoves' in the side.

I can't understand how people are hyping this, and yet Vita is doomed and the 3DS was doomed.

Razer is getting ridiculous. First they come up with a gaming laptop using a mousepad (!) costing 2700$ (!!!!) and now a gaming tablet costing 1000$?

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The story is too old to be commented.