THQ staffer comments on shutdown rumors

THQ employee involved with Darksiders, Devil's Third, and more gives fairly in-depth response to shutdown rumors.


New, official comments from THQ.

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Soldierone2108d ago

2014 is far away, and THQ could be in talks to sell. If those talks fail then they would be notified that its shutting down. Talks could go throughout this year, but I guarantee THQ can't withstand another over shadowed year. They have awesome games, they just need to learn how to sell them.

THQ has shut down many studios abruptly everywhere.

Voxelman2108d ago

As far as I know the only game known that was coming 2014 or later was Homefront 2. inSane, Devil's Third and Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online are all 2013 so even if the rumour was true of 2014 games being cancelled Homefront 2 is the only one we know about, unless Saints Row 4 or Dawn of War III were 2014 but I doubt they would cancel sure fire money makers if they were in financial trouble, risky games like inSane sadly would likely be the first on the list.

Anyway I hope THQ find a new financial backer because they have a lot of promising games in the pipeline and some great franchises.

morganfell2108d ago

Relic Entertainment is in trouble. Nothing has been said about it publicly but there has been some shutdown talk or at the very least some massive restructuring. I hate this because I play Warhammer in some form (Dawn of War II, Space Marine, etc) at least once a week and thought Space Marine has been completely underrated.

Add to that Mark Strong had the best V/O work of 2011 and I would like a sequel.

sikbeta2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

THQ want to play with the big ones, they want a THQ published equivalent to COD from Activision, an equivalent to GTA from T2, equivalent to some of EA sport games, they're not in good shape for that and they can't fight against those heavy hitters, let alone win, they're going down, I can see EA buying them for cheap...

malol2107d ago

THQ sucks because they support cheap knockoffs
like saint rows the GTA knockoff
and that other COD wannabe
along side heaps of stupid WWE games

screw them

just_looken2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

don't worry ea/ms/ubisoft or activision will buy the rights and milk the said brand name. You can see the headline activision buys homefront rights homefront modren combat out 2014. ea would love the wwe/ufc rights. I would love to see rockstar buy saintsrow from them that would be a interesting mix.

KMCROC542108d ago

Then it will become boring as shit like GTA.

arjman2108d ago

Please dear god let someone else buy the WWE rights, that cow has been milked to death.

terrorofdeath2107d ago

Major keen for a new developer team to work on WWE!

ATi_Elite2107d ago

THQ made $136 million 2011 which was down from 2010 profit.

THQ has some strong titles under it's roof. They need to just manage their money better and kill off some of the lame projects they got going on.

on the PC side Warhammer 40K, Metro, Supreme Commander, STALKER, Company of Heroes, Darksiders have all sold very well and will continue to sell well as long as the quality stays the same or improves.

SKUD2108d ago

MS should pick them up on the cheap. Makes games for kinect only. That should help them pick things back up. Totally different outcome then Rare.

Voxelman2108d ago

Except THQ cut most of their casual game studios, and a first party buying them would likely conflict with some of their licensed games that would need to be on all platforms.

And the original rumour said that they were looking for an Asian investment firm not another publisher.

Urrakia342108d ago

Pretty sure his comment was meant as a joke. -__-

ginsunuva2108d ago

It was a joke referring to all the other studios MS bought and forced into kinect crap development

zeal0us2108d ago

Bubble for being funny, made my day :)

ZippyZapper2108d ago

"It was a joke referring to all the other studios MS bought and forced into kinect crap development"

So he is trolling then.

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Reborn2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

If anyone helps them/buys them, it shouldn't be a console manufacturer. Leave them multiplat. They have some good titles under them.

Soldierone2108d ago

I just hope it doesn't go to a milking company. There are so many of them now....Maybe a partnership of some kind, become a second party of Sony for example (its literally just an example) but not get bought out. If anything their assets will be sold and THQ will be like what Sega was for the longest time.

I just don't want to see yearly additions to all their games. I want to see what they were trying to achieve actually get achieved.

KMCROC542108d ago

So why use SONY you could have said Sega ,EA ,Ubisoft

BitbyDeath2108d ago

"So why use SONY"

Cause Sony are well known for encouraging developers to get/be creative.

I don't think Sony would buy them though, they seem more like Ubisoft material to me.

Soldierone2108d ago

Because how many major companies like that have good second parties like Sony?

My whole point was I want THQ to stay THQ, just with a partner. Like Insomniac is with Sony.

TheMutator2108d ago

damn i love Red Faction :( and nobody buys armageddon

Der_Kommandant2108d ago

I did, it was one of the most underrated games of 2011

aliengmr2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Nah, it got what it deserved. On its own it was a decent enough shooter, but following RFG, it was a disappointment. It took everything unique about RFG, and instead of polishing the rough spots, scrapped them entirely. Open-world to caves... literally. Geo-mod was rendered useless because of over powered weapons. Ridiculous amount of cutscenes. They wouldn't even allow you turn on the flash-light when you wanted to. The list of horrible ideas just goes on and on.

They tried to make RFA into a Dead Space clone and it just didn't work. While this may just be my opinion, there was a reason nobody bought the game and it wasn't because they didn't know about it.

The truly sad part is that RFA did so bad the franchise got the axe.

ShabbaRanks2107d ago

I didn't... They should of left it the way it was. A bad ass FPS with awesome destructibles. RedFaction 1 was the best

FlyWestbrook2108d ago

I want to hear an official comment from Ubisoft

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