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GamingUnion: "The survival horror genre has changed quite a lot in recent years, with many developers not willing to take risks on a genre that they feel isn't a bastion for success. VectorCell on the other hand saw this as an opportunity and have poured their efforts into a game that looks to breathe new life in the genre. But, it doesn't. Instead, it serves as a warning for other developers that if you want to make a survival horror game, the fundamentals need to be good before you even start thinking about the rest."

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tweex2133d ago

Looks like one I'll be adding to my collection.....

ShawnCollier2133d ago

Along with ET for the Atari? ;)

NeXXXuS2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Is it true that they buried all of the copies of that game in the desert or whatever?

Pozzle2133d ago

"Is it true that they buried all of the copies of that game in the desert or whatever?"

They sure did. They had (for some dumb reason) made more copies of the game than actual Atari consoles, and when the game flopped there were millions of copies of the game left over. So they became landfill in a desert in New Mexico. lol

zeal0us2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )


I heard a some company is doing a HD remake of Superman 64 and Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis. So might as well get prepared to add those games just as well. JK
I don't think a simple update can fix the problems that plaques Amy not like Hydrophobia anyway.

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ShawnCollier2133d ago

This game has been getting bomba scores all across the spectrum lately, that's for sure.

mephman2133d ago

Such a disappointment.

spok222133d ago

When are they releasing the sequel?

Hardedge2133d ago

Sounded like an interesting concept though. :(

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