PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U - Which Will Survive?

There's a growing sentiment that Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony may not stay in the console business much longer. Which company will be the next to go?

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decrypt2285d ago

Doesnt effect me since i dont play on console. Couldnt care which one of em went out of business.

JoGam2285d ago

Its funny how someone always has to throw out a topic to get everyone fighting. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be fine. Just keep supporting gaming.

dark-hollow2285d ago

It would be boring with only two competitors.

BitbyDeath2285d ago

Agreed, i hope we get more.
Bring on Apple or Samsung or one of the many other talented technology firms to join in.

Detoxx2285d ago

I dont see how the Wii is compitition against the PS and Xbox.. Both have very differrent games

Shok2285d ago

Why would 1 or 2 NOT survive? It's just a random belief that fanboys have. All 3 have many more years in the industry.

TheGameFoxJTV2285d ago

If anything a 4th will break through, but the current 3 aren't going away. Gaming is so much more mainstream these days. It's not like how SEGA went poof.

ssb31732285d ago

I hope they all survive, each console is amazing in its own way

AgentWD402285d ago

where this rumour of a console maker dropping out came from, someone obviously sees them as a threat and wants them out. Maybe apple are going to release a console and want the competition gone.

2EHO2285d ago

There was a rumor recently about one of the console makers joining a cloud gaming type service. Thus not making a new console. We know Wii U is coming out this year. So out of sony and Microsoft who could it be? Me personally I just think ony and microsoft saw you don't have to have the best tech to be successful. I'm looking forward to next Gen.... Its going to surprise a lot of gamers in what they see.

TronEOL2285d ago

I believe that's the only thing that could really move the gaming industry a bit. Apple is a well known company world-wide and would definitely attract the casuals if done right (ex, iPad/iPhone/Mac connect ability, etc).

I could actually see how they'd do it, too.
- Connect iTunes/Game Center Account
- Plays all games bought on iPad/iPhone
- Most likely use Cloud Gaming so the box itself isn't expensive (OnLive-style).
- Tons of third-party support from well known Dev's
- Use iPod/iPhone/iPad as a touchscreen gaming controller (Wii-U style) or alt-display (which would be huge since almost everyone has an iPhone/iPod nowadays).

Just a few ideas that could actually be possible.

Only problem is I could see a massive amount of "Angry Birds"-style games dominating the market if this were to happen. Sure, it'd bring game prices down, but you'd also be getting what you're paying for.

ps3dude442285d ago

all of them, especially playstation because all of the studios they have.

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The story is too old to be commented.