GameSpy Reviews PS3 Orange Box: 3.5/5

EA's PS3 translation of Valve's amazing package has lots of tech issues, but it's also got heart.

Twenty-plus hours of some of the best storytelling in gaming, plus Portal; PS3-exclusive quicksave feature comes in handy.

Problems with Team Fortress 2 drag it down; sporadic framerate and performance issues plague the entire package.

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MK_Red3876d ago

They should have either delayed the game longer or totally cancelled the PS3 version. But hey, it's EA. They want the money and they are experts in making the worst possible ports.

PirateThom3876d ago

I don't blame EA, I blame Valve for giving it to EA knowing how many problems they've been having with the PS3.

The fact is, Newell didn't want the PS3 version to be equal or even better than the PC/360 versions, so purposely gave it to EA knowing they couldn't do it.

MK_Red3876d ago

Kinda true. Valve's Newell expressed his hatred for PS3 freely so this was to be expected.
I like Newell and respect him as a game designer BUT I hate him as a gamer who hates consoles. They should learn a thing or two from devs like Infinity Ward and Epic.

Megaton3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

It's a damn shame that 1 year post launch EA still can't get a port right. EA stands for all that's bad about the industry nowadays...well, when it actually develops a game. I suppose it's not doing too much wrong in the publishing department, though I hate seeing their logo on every damn game they had no part in creating.

Valve does have a hand in this as well. Gabe immediately writing off the PS3 as a waste of everyone's time doesn't help anything. Being narrow-minded in an industry that thrives off of creativity is very counter-productive.

PS3 owners shouldn't put up with this nonsense anymore. Organize a boycott or something. Make EA accountable for their sub-mediocre performance.

gamesR4fun3876d ago

So many great games you can buy that work now....
And no one should be surprised EA dropped the ball again.

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resistance1003876d ago

Its a shame EA made this version. Could have been great, but looks like free radical and Epic will be getting my money instead of them

MK_Red3876d ago

Epic, Free Radical and Criterion definitly deserve money of PS3 gamers more than greedy EA and console hating Valve.

BrotherNick3876d ago

I like all my shooters on PC more than consoles. Analog stick controls aren't as accurate.

dabizo3876d ago

No chance I will be picking up this OrangBox of crap..If Valve, EA and Gabe cant be bothered to get their game running right on my PS3 why should they get my cash. Especially when you see what is up against them such as UT3, uncharted, R&C, HS how do they expect to sell crappy ports like this? it begs belief. (rant over)

DEADEND3876d ago

I really wanted to buy this but I guess their not getting my money now.

MK_Red3876d ago

You are doing the right thing. When EA and Valve don't care about PS3 users (Specificly Valve's Newell), PS3 gamers should start avoiding most of EA games and purchasing products from devs that care, like Epic and Criterion.
The exception to EA boycott is of course, Burnout Paradise :)

Salvadore3876d ago

This is a really sad moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.