Why Sony and Microsoft won't be dropping out of the console race

Bitmob: Recent rumors spawning from cloud gaming company Gaikai's chief product officer, Nanea Reeves, are pointing to either Microsoft or Sony not joining the next generation of hardware. "Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3." Reeves said during an interview with IndustryGamers. Quite the bold statement if you ask them though I think this has been made without anything to back it up.

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AgentWD402199d ago

are to strong to think about leaving the console game, it took a lot for the 360 to get where it is today considering the xbox didn't do that well. Why would microsoft drop out now after all the hard work to get it there. Sony are as strong as they have always been and will release a PS4.

-Superman-2198d ago

Sony killed Sega, and won with PS1 and PS2 console race.
Just becuase PS3 dident sell as much Wii, dosent mean they leave now.

Its just poltic, you cant win always, but still have a chance to win.

Did Nintendo leave after failing last 3 consoles? after Sony beat Nintendo 2 time? No

And see how far did Nintendo go with Wii now.

Krew_922198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

I don't think Microsoft or Sony will be stopping any time soon.

Like Agent said, the two companies are stronger than ever at this point, I don't see them missing out next-gen.

LightofDarkness2198d ago

Because they make a metric sh*t-tonne of money from it. That's the only reason you need.

Yes, the razor-blade model can be disastrous for some, but these guys have built up a very strong customer base of core gamers who will buy whatever they release next based on the momentum of this generations alone.

2198d ago
vikingland12198d ago

In my opinion the console market is still strong. Just look at the numbers combined of the big 3 MS,Sony and Nintendo. I don't see the hundereds of millions of console gamers just giving up on thier favorite hobby. As long as there is support from console gamers there will be support from the big 3.It's about making profit and I think consoles will be profitable for quite some time.

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