Watch Razer's tablet play Warhammer 40k on ultra settings

You've seen the Razer Project Fiona slate play Skyrim, now watch some Warhammer gameplay straight from CES

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dark-hollow2156d ago

RAZR got tablets gaming wrong!!
people dont play on their tablets for the sheer power or the graphics.
it is for the simplicity and the price coupled with apps and other stuff.

people rather game on their ipads/androids etc. which is more affordable/easy to use and more simple.

even for the hardcore fans. most of them will rather build a gaming pc way more powerful for less or even get a gaming laptop if they die for portability.

Styxoric2156d ago

What was that? 15 frames per second?

soundslike2156d ago

its funny that we've reached a point where we can look at something like this and think: "garbage" when 10 years ago people would have killed for it lol

Titanz2156d ago

A lot of people (gamers) become defensive about it.

egidem2156d ago

Ultimate threat to dedicated gaming systems?

The first killer app in portables is the price - and from the looks of it, this thing will probably cost an arm and leg. There is no way I'd shell say $1000 for this if I can use that money to buy a worth portable like PS Vita, 3DS, bunch of games and have leftover cash for a Kindle Fire and...why not, more games!

SilentNegotiator2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

How many of the hundreds of tablet models get anywhere, let alone at a $1000 price tag?

Dedicated PORTABLE (Read: Not the size of a textbook) gaming systems have nothing to worry about.

meowthemouse2156d ago

While I think its an amazing concept, the system needs to be at least as powerful as M11x, but it probably wont because its Razer.

Remember this is a concept guys, I really hope to turn out to be wrong, and that the product will be pretty powerful.

Zha1tan2156d ago

Knowing Razer it will have a short battery life and stroke you for £2000

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