GameSpot gives 2/10 to Jenga Wii

The real game of Jenga is a love/hate kind of thing. The actual act of playing this game of block removal and stacking is pretty fun, but goodness knows it's a pain to stack those things up again after the tower comes tumbling down. Jenga World Tour attempts to remedy that admittedly small annoyance by bringing the game of Jenga to the Wii. No cumbersome blocks to stack here; all you have to do is slide out and stack virtual blocks using the Wii Remote. That all sounds good in theory, except that Jenga World Tour also happens to be functionally broken.

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MK_Red3899d ago

It's funny the actual real Jenga is priced half as this Wii game. Really, what is going on here? People can have free exercise yet they are go and pay 60 bucks for it in form of WiiFit and now, the real playable Jenga is cheaper than this broken and buggy game.

Prismo_Fillusion3899d ago

Actually it retails for ONLY $29.99! But I have a feeling that watching someone make the tower crumble in real life is more satisfying than watching it on a television screen.

If they wanted to make a decent game, they should've put 5-10 games like Jenga onto one disc. And if they were well made, it might actually be worth buying.

MK_Red3899d ago

The problem is that the game is broken, buggy and unfinished. Plus, it has terrible framerate and worse control. What's the point of making such game (Or WiiFit which was as bad and buggy when we had hands-on/feet-on)?

TANOD3899d ago

I dont know why people buy wii?

except SMG/Mario/Metroid is there any game to play on wii?

gunnerforlife3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

sorry comps fuked:(

TheMART3899d ago

Wii games. Meh. I hope people get their eyes opened soon:

360: 84 games scored 8.0 and higher
Wii: 12 games scored 8.0 and higher

Yes I know the 360 is out a year longer. BUT still. Having only 12 games from 8 and up... Only games buying a Wii for in general is Mario, Zelda and Metroid Prime 3. I bet even many people buy the Wii for Wiisports and then get bored, never touch the upgraded Gamecube again.

MK_Red3899d ago

Actually, Wii's problem is not the number of it's great games IMO. The real problem is high number of terrible games. Worst and lowest rated game of 2007 is a Wii exclusive called Balls of Fury.
This Jenga could end up with more 1s and 2s and lets not forget about all other terrible ZZZ 3rd party games from Anubis 2 to Escape form Bug Island.

felidae3898d ago


TheMART is nothing without his numbers ;-)

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