Microsoft Is Lying About Hack

Let's start by describing some of my web habits. I never give any of my account information to anyone, I have virus protection, I have programs set to scan for malicious programs on my computer everyday,I use multiple password; none the same, and always make sure I'm at the official Microsoft site whenever I log-in to it(I don't even do it often). However, somehow my account was still infiltrated...

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disturbing_flame2259d ago

I don't understand all those stories around those hacks.

It's weird to see more and more users complaining and saying that Microsoft is responsible for those hacks when Microsoft denied it several times.

Looks like people are still experimenting it. Weird.

ABizzel12259d ago

The thing is MS is being slow about helping people who are calling in to complain.

MS honestly don't know how this is going on. My account was hacked back in October, and back then they said they don't know how the hacks were happening, so the easiest and safest way to protect MS is to say it's the users fault, until it can be proven otherwise.

Fifa is used as the avatar for a lot of the people selling which could be a double slap in the face showing that EA's game is behind this, and MS and EA have yet to do anything to prevent further hacks since it's still going on.

This is a public relations nightmare if it spreads, which is why they'll deny until the end and try to fix it before it gets out of control, just like they did with the RROD.

My account was hacked in October, it's January and I still don't have my MS points back. MS still has my previous credit card on file even though I've called in several times asking them to remove it (it's deactivated, but still just take it off file). And I've never received a call back or any paperwork regarding my case even though I asked for it several times.

MS is doing a horrible job at handling this, and soon people are going to start pressing charges against them.

ApplEaglElephant2259d ago

but no. Even ex hackers came out and said that MS could/should easily improve the security, but MS is apparently too busy blaming this on users.

disturbing_flame2259d ago

I'm sorry for you dude.

I really don't understand this situation, and hope if more and more people are in the same case, medias make more articles about it to force this situation to stop.

EA should also mention they have nothing to do with that if it's also the case.

Their silence is awkward.
It's been months you are struggling you deserve reparation.

CarlitoBrigante2258d ago

The funny thing is, the gaming media doesn't write anything about this big hack. I wonder why? when PSN is down for 5 minutes the whole internet is full of haxxxoorrzzzxxxxx

dark-hollow2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Do you think ms will hide or deny a DATA BREACH just this easly?
Do you know how is it of a big deal is that?? There is a reason why sony took the service down for more than a month. Its not something ms could handle by liyng.
People can sue for millions if it is true.

Till we get solid evidance that the xbl servers has been hacked.
Emails could be hacked by phishing or bruteforce etc. Which leads to your gamertag being stolen.

Lulzsec, the infamous hacker group has released a graph about most used passwords from all the info they stolen, and top of the most passwords people use are stupid things like "123456" or "password"

gamingdroid2259d ago

A lot of these stories all cite use of different passwords on different accounts and being smart enough to avoid phishing scams. So it certainly raises questions?

At the same time, are these strong passwords. I know I won't remember all my passwords, if they are strong especially if I have multiple.

Maybe they have multiple "easy to guess" passwords?

Also, in order to get your account compromised, don't you need to have the victim's Windows Live ID (with the brute force method)? Which is an email address.

You don't list that publicly, so how did the hacker get that email address in the first place? Did the user leak that or did MS?

I remember when 90k accounts were attempted harvested on PSN recently. The number affected here (around 1500 accounts on one trade site) seems miniscule.

Everyone, just change your password to something strong, don't publicly post your email address and use a secure computer/browser.

ZippyZapper2259d ago

It's phising. Stop giving your accout details looking for free MS points on random (non MS) websites.

Keep trying guys, maybe if you click your heals together 3 times and make a wish.

TheGameFoxJTV2259d ago

Sorry, but I'm not some child who would be dumb enough to buy into a free point site. Never even seen one before. If I did, I'd know it was fake, and instantly scan my PC for malware or worse. Microsoft would never give anything away that easily.

rezzah2259d ago

How can you claim it so easily?

Did you inspect the situation for everyone with this issue?

The best thing I can think of, that comes to mind about protecting their account, is changing their password.

And for those who's situation is what you said it to be, then they need to learn from someone or something to avoid those scams.

TheBrit2259d ago

I find it funny that he states "I don't share my account information with anyone" yet as soon as he becomes defensive he blurts out 'B.S my password has 3 capital letters 3 numbers and isn't a real word' so now we know how he probably sets all of his passwords - and you say your not part of any phishing??!! It did not take much for you to offer up that info now did it!!

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Series_IIa2259d ago

"Let’s start by describing some of my web habits. I never give any of my account information to anyone, I have virus protection, I have programs set to scan for malicious programs on my computer everyday,I use multiple password;"

Yet no mention about checking E-mails and websites to see if they are legit... a la phished.

MrBeatdown2259d ago

"none the same, and always make sure I’m at the official Microsoft site whenever I log-in to it(I don’t even do it often)."

Read harder.

Bzone242259d ago

What the author failed to mention is that his Xbox Live password is "password".

Goozex2259d ago ShowReplies(2)
kaveti66162259d ago

I've been phished before and I had the exact same reaction as this fellow did.

"It can't be me. I'm not that stupid. I always make sure."

Yeah, no. It can be you. It's not a matter of whether you're stupid or not. And you can make sure 99/100 and mess up that one time.

I don't think Microsoft is lying to you. If their servers were breached the consequences would be an order of magnitude greater than just a few dozen mean complaining about being hacked. Hell, more people complain about their consoles bricking from firmware updates than they complain about their XBL accounts being "hacked."

Intentions2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Nahh i'm sorry. But I've never been phished/hacked before. Even when my weak passwords etc I've never been hacked.

I'm sure you[hackers] would never hack into my accounts.

kaveti66162259d ago

The thing about being phished is you don't know.

Secondly, the person who wrote this opinion piece decided not to tell us what the 52 dollars was spent on. If the 52 dollars was spent on. If the people who fished his account spent 52 dollars inside the XBL marketplace, then it's very likely that his account was phished. Because if anyone went through the trouble of breaching Microsoft's data servers and decrypting 1024-bit encrypted files, why the hell would they spend 52 dollars on video games and DLC from Xbox Live?

Hell, if someone knew how to decrypt 1024 bit encryptions, why would they waste their time on credit card data from XBL when they could be skimming millions off credit card servers?

It kind of makes you think how self-centered these phishing victims can be to assume that someone would hack XBL and take down their credit card info just to, what, buy a COD map pack?

ABizzel12258d ago

It's not a few dozen it's thousands of people go to any of the foreign websites selling accounts and there are thousands of them on there.

It was proven that was one of the reasons why some of the accounts have been hacked, and EA's silence to the accusations leads many to believe they know Fifa my be another source of blame.

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