Black Lagoon Headed To PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is scheduled to receive a new title in the Slotter Mania series of pachislot games this year. Slotter Mania V is based on Black Lagoon.

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Dante1122378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Edit: Dang, this is one of those slot games. Didn't realize lol.

Colwyn2378d ago

the ps vita is amazing. its launching with more original games that are out at this point on 3ds. it also seems like there will be over one hundred games available on the vita by years end according to sony.

GillHarrison2378d ago

God damn, I also thought this was an actual Black Lagoon game for a second as well. Now if only Rei Hiroe would come back from his hiatus and so we can get some more Black Lagoon!

MasterCornholio2378d ago

New games are always welcome to the Vita. Im pretty happy that many devs are heavily supporting it.