Initial Version Of The Last of Us Resembled Uncharted

When The Last of Us starting looking too much like Uncharted the game had to be created from the ground up.

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DigitalAnalog2323d ago

"They are also using a new way of rendering and lighting in TLoU, plus the camerawork is “rougher” as if it’s being filmed with a handy-cam."

I really hope that it's not the same type of "handy-cam" used in K&L2. That was actually quite nauseating.

brettyd2323d ago

i thought the exact same thing, but i trust ND to make it work. Im sure it will be nothing like K&L2.

gigreen2323d ago

I actually liked the camera in K&L2, it made it look realistic. The best feature of the whole game.

SolidGear32323d ago

Yeah, that's why I turned off the shaky-cam effect whenever I played K&L2.

theeg2323d ago

here's hoping ND do not, I repeat DO NOT, use any form of 3D for this game at all, I think that was a big factor in making uncharted 3 look WORSE than uncharted 2, way too many jaggie in part 3!

N311V2323d ago

They will use 3D and I couldn't be happier about. Gaming in 3D is awesome!

DigitalAnalog2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

I simply have to disagree with you for the fact that U3 look WORSE than UC2. If any valid criticism is to be at hand, it would be polish. The story is just not fleshed out properly and the sand mechanic never get it's chance to be implemented in the gameplay.

Secondly ANY game at it's state can be made into 3D. The only difference is "optimization". You complaining about 3D affecting game quality is like saying 720p based gaming is affecting 420p's quality.

masa20092323d ago

...So instead of making it like Uncharted, we made it like a mix of Uncharted and Enslaved.
Now we feel much better about ourselves.

Naughty Dog: bringing you item collecting platformers, Mortal Kombat clones, Mario Kart clones, Gears/Tomb Raider hybrids and other innovative products since 1989!

LarVanian2323d ago

You do know that Enslaved wasn't the first post-apocalyptic game right?
Enslaved actually copied quite a lot of elements from the Jak and Daxter series. Just play both games and you'll be astounded by the similarities between the two. And if your trying to imply that Gears of War is apparently innovative then you clearly never played kill.switch.
It's such a pity that every article involving Naughty Dog always has haters commenting. I would honestly love to see these haters try and make a game half as good as Uncharted 3.

masa20092323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Please... It's not just the post apocalyptic setting.
The invasive vegetation and buildings look the same, it has a tough guy and a fragile moody heroine with coop puzzles, and they even hired the same lead designer from Ninja Theory.

All coincidence I'm sure!

And for the record, I didn't even really like Enslaved. It was OK nothing more. So I'm not bitter that Naughty Dog will get more recognition than Ninja Theory with their take on the concept.

LarVanian2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

The invasive vegetation and buildings look the same
_____________________________ ______________

All I'm going to say to that is that 'I Am Legend' kinda did that before Enslaved. In fact there was a film back in 2000 called Battlefield Earth that did the whole vegetation thing as well (that movie was complete crap though).
And the badass main protagonist and fragile companion was also done in The Road, not just Enslaved. Ellie didn't even look that fragile in the trailer, she actually looks capable of holding her own, especially during the part where she stabbed the crap out of the mutant attacking Joel.
We have only seen less than five minutes of The Last of Us and we still don't know much about the story or what has infected the humans. I think people need to stop judging this game based on only one video of footage and wait until the whole game is released or least until some game play is unveiled.

GarandShooter2323d ago

How exactly do you get 'tough guy and a fragile moody heroine' from what has been show of TLoU to this point?

Seeing what you want to see, prediction, or random drawing of parallels where none have as of yet been shown to exist?

Co-op puzzles? You mean like Ico?

Invasive vegetation (which unless it's been altered by the fungus is just standard vegetation doing what it does with a lack of human control) like the 'Life After People' special and series on the History Channel?

There are far too many possible influences for your argument/speculation to hold water without confirmation from ND.

CGI-Quality2323d ago

^ ^ Shame that these nonsense posts above have to exist, but then again, I guess everyone's entitled to an opinion.

OT: They really are trying to craft something unique! I need more ND, bring it on!

BluePumpkin72323d ago

"OPM made the comparison to Quantic Dream’s PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain but Naughty Dog didn’t agree with the comparison saying “David Cage meant right, but approached things wrong”, he forgot about gameplay and got caught up in quick time events."

i love you naughty dog but that's just mean

j-blaze2323d ago

another reason to make me hate ND even more!

PC_Enthusiast 2323d ago

yeah keep trolling you're not good at anything else -_-

N311V2323d ago

It certainly was harsh critism and I for one disagree. Both developers have crafted fantastic stories into games. The major difference is that ND tell you a story whereas QD allowed you to interact with the story. In Heavy Rain the story and gameplay were seamlessly combined, the experience was far from a series of quick time events, it was a masterpiece and unforgettable game.

CGI-Quality2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Not really. They make a good point, even if I personally think it's a tad extreme, but I wouldn't call it mean.

In David Cage's defense, he does things different from everyone. He should continue that regardless of what anyone says, especially if his future games receive the commercial and critical success of Heavy Rain.

Oldman1002322d ago

I'd like to see Quantic Dream respond to that comment.

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