Why the Stargate FPS got canned & why, if a publisher is interested, it might still get released

"Ben Lenzo, CEO of Perception Studios, clears the air as to why Stargate FPS "The Alliance" was cancelled. Lenzo also reveals that, should a publisher express any kind of interest in the game, Perception would still love see the near complete game get the release it so richly deserves."

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SwilloTGL2379d ago

The likely hood of it getting picked up for re-release after all these years is quite slim, however, if it did, it would make for a great ending to the game's development story....

jeremyKX2379d ago

I doubt it. The last stargate fps sucked and it showed on how poorly it sold. They would have to make a good game or else it wouldn't make money

Baka-akaB2379d ago

Let's be honest , the game never looked good and was in constant dev hell . A stargate mmo might be released , but it's unlikely to be this , unless some company feels like throwing money away

urwifeminder2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I blame macgyver.