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Trendy Gamers: To fully understand my rating for this game, a little history is needed. Resident Evil 4 is my favourite video game of all time. I bought it the day it came out on the Gamecube, played it multiple times and it became my favourite video game of all time. I then purchased the PS2 and Wii versions of the game on their perspective launch days. While the PS2 port lost a bit in the graphics department, it was still awesome and the added content made the purchase worth it. With the Wii version, the addition of precision controls, mixed with fluid graphics made it the best way to play Resident Evil 4. So, when I heard it was being brought over to the Xbox 360, in HD nonetheless, I was extremely excited, expecting to award the game a 10/10, just like I had done three times prior. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to that excitement.

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Lord_Sloth2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

To explain this rating...The game's still fun as hell. End explanation.

If you wish to complain about it than don't, and instead look at how many relaunches on Ocarina of Time have come out with absolutely no improvements at all. The 3DS release is the only 1 that's different.

jeeves862380d ago

Think for a second about how many different times RE4 has been released. NGC>>PS2>>PC>&g t;iOS (not one, but two times)>>PS3 and 360.

RE4's "HD" is pretty cheaply done. The only reason that it nets such a positive review score is because it's 'still' the same RE4. That kind of thing will only work for so long.

Lord_Sloth2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

And in the end it's the same thing as OoT. That's been spread around since...1998.

N64, Gamecube, iQPlayer, Virtual Console, 3DS.

I cut off 1 of the Gamecube releases just to be nice. And yet the only 1 I hear any1 complain about is RE4. Everybody just praises OoT's re-releases. This doesn't strike you as fanboyish or odd?

jeeves862380d ago

I forgot the Wii release for RE4, in addition to the Zeebo and mobile phone platforms. And with some small exception, the RE4 re-releases have gotten worse and worse, instead of added to the overall experience. The PC version was just outright terrible, and the iOS release seemed like a good proof of concept, if nothing else.

OoT has been released a couple of times, but it's also added the Master Quest, and transitioned it into 3D. On the 3DS, you can tell that textures have been changed. RE4 has added Separate Ways, and added a couple of Achievements/Trophies. I see this latest release of RE4 and RE:CVX as just a desperate cash grab by Capcom, much like they do with a lot of their franchises.

The whole point of this review is just stating that 'the game is still as perfect as ever.' Achievements and Trophies under-utilized and a cheap upscale job. How long is that going to work for RE4?

GamersXTREME2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I do agree with what the reviewer stated. Resident Evil 4 was my favorite game of all time as well and I played through the Gamecube, PS2, Wii and PS3/360 version. However, Capcom was a bit on the lazy side of this "HD" version. The reviewer stated that running the Wii and 360 version side-by-side appeared to be little-to-no different. He's right about that.

In my personal opinion though, the lack of a true "HD" visual touchup isn't my issue with the game. The only thing that truly bothered me more than anything was the audio, which no other sites seemed to mention. The audio sounded like the PS2 version, which was heavily compressed compared to the Gamecube and Wii versions. Cutscenes would sound clear but the in-game sound effects and voices would usually sound muffled and low quality.

Also, the other disappointing omission tailors toward the PS3 version and that's the lack of PS Move support. The reason I bring this up is because Capcom could've easily taken the coding of the Wii version and brought it up to speed to work with the PS Move. When you consider the price they're charging for RE4 on the PSN/XBLA, those who have yet to experience this masterpiece may want to consider getting the Wii version instead. It's essentially the most complete package out of all the versions.

By the way, good review TrendyGamers.

TrendyGamers2380d ago

Thanks for the kind works.

And you are right about the lack of Move support, they should have included it on the PS3 version.