Uncharted 3: Why Gamers Should Be Calling It 2011's GOTY

In the onslaught of First Person Shooter games this year you’d think one of them would have a lock as “game of the year.” Well you couldn't be more wrong. There’s a strong argument to be had that the majority of FPS games released this year fell way short of the mark for greatness when it came to the campaign. The only 2 exceptions being Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3. Both of these title contain a decent story and exceptional game play... and a campaign that doesn't leave you pissed off about wasting $60. However, being GOTY takes more than just and awesome campaign- it takes good writing, character connection, replayability, and THEN an awesome campaign. For these reasons, there is a very clear cut choice for which title should have been game of the year: Unchartered 3.

The series, as a whole, has gotten better with each installment. The story is so well written that you honestly forget you are even playing a game. Naughty Dog makes you feel like you are watching a great movie...

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Colwyn2199d ago

because it was the best game technologically in 2011 with a good story and minimal to no glitches or problems.

Bundi2199d ago

I always thought the most important thing was because it was an enjoyable experience. Fun. You remember fun right?

Colwyn2199d ago

fun is subjective. i can have fun throwing rocks in the air

Nac2199d ago

Fun does not always equate quality or sophistication. If I wanted simple "fun" then Angry Birds would be GOTY material, which its not.

NeoBasch2199d ago

Fun? No. It's great to have fun, but I'd much rather be moved or affected emotionally in some way that changes my perspective or makes me realize a long hidden truth about myself or society.

rezzah2199d ago

Well said NeoBasch.

Games that can actually create that type of atmosphere and feeling through the correlation of gameplay and story are amazing games.

Few games ever achieve this, and most never attempt it.

Bioshocking2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

You can do anything the perception of fun is up to the player.

To me Uncharted 3 was the funnest game I played this year. Maybe not to you, but to me it was.

A lot of people found Skyrim fun. To me it was the first game that ever made me want to smash my PS3 against a wall, and punch a child in the face.

Fun depends on the person. Other people may have fun doing something... others may not.

Also..... this is my last bubble....




Do what you must

spicelicka2199d ago

"Games released this year fell way short of the mark for greatness when it came to the campaign. The only 2 exceptions that I can think of are Resistance 3 and Gears of War 3. Both of these have a decent story and exceptional game play... and a campaign that doesn't leave you pissed off about wasting $60. For me, there is a very clear cut choice for game of the year: Unchartered 3."

There's a lot of restrictions in this claim. The fact that a game like gears 3 had brilliant multiplayer, 4 player co-op integrated in the campaign, horde and beast mode, should not be ommitted from the $60 package. I agree UC3 has the best campaign, but i think game of the year should be gears 3.

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Pandamobile2199d ago

Best game technologically?

Are you serious?

What sort of technical advancements has UC3 brought to the table that haven't been in a dozen games before it?

Bathyj2199d ago

You mean aside from the best graphics and animation right?

a_bro2199d ago

the fact that they've pulled out such a good looking game on 5/6 year old hardware, says it all.

Pandamobile2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

That has nothing to do with technology. That's more trickery than anything.

Is Uncharted 3 a great looking game? Hell yes.

Is Uncharted 3 the best looking game of 2011? No, not when it has games like Crysis 2, The Witcher 2 and Battlefield 3 to contend with.

And come on, BiggCMan, if you're going to try to prove a point, at least use gameplay screenshots.

KonaBro2199d ago

Trying to throw everything at the kitchen sink (PC games) at Uncharted 3 eh? It's ok. Naughty Dog would consider it a compliment you compared UC3 to PC games for graphics. How thoughtful of you. ;)

BiggCMan2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Uncharted 3 definitely looks better than Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3, and perhaps even Witcher 2. I own both BF3 and Witcher 2 on my PC, and play them both at highest settings, I do not believe they look better. Ok yes, Uncharted is very linear, but who gives a damn? It's what looks best at face value, doesn't matter that Witcher 2 is a bigger game, or Battlefield has destruction and huge areas. Facial expressions in Uncharted 3 take them both down, as does animation of the characters. Crysis 2 does't even come close to it's first game, let alone Uncharted 3.

Well, unfortunately I can't take screenshots of my PS3 so I have to resort to the internet, but so be it.

Pandamobile2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Well what do you want me to do?

Cus "Uncharted 3 has the best graphics ever"
and "Uncharted 3 has the best graphics* ever"

* exluding PC games

are two very different statements and only one is remotely true.

"Uncharted 3 definitely looks better than Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3, and perhaps even Witcher 2."

Lol, come on man. If you're going to make such wild claims, at least have the cajones to provide some sort of evidence to back that up.

Bioshocking2199d ago

Well on the talk of graphics we need to think like this.

On a Pc we can see that when someone plays on high settings, they get those graphics, and not all people will get that same experience. Plus... Pc's always get updated.... next year a game will come out looking better than Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3.

However with Uncharted we have to think like this. Where as Pc's are constantly updated to make better graphics. A PS3 is what you get, you can not add or change anything... that is what you have to work with.

That is why Uncharted wins best graphics... because when you think about it, Naughty Dog has pushed the console to its graphical limit with Uncharted 3.

Also graphics dont only make great games... story, gameplay, fun.

That is why Uncharted should win GOTY... it is the jack of all trades... however it mastered them all.

RedDead2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Graphics- fact- Battlefield 3
Aesthetics- subjective- Uncharted 3

Story gameplay fun and graphics = The witcher 2. Uncharted's story is average at best. Again subjective, anyone who thinks Uncharted has a good story simply doesn't know what a good story is though ;)

Besides Dark souls in my Goty, despite the annoying Frame rate drop in Blight town

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ps3dude442199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

it was my game of the year. uncharted 2 was my game of the decade.

uncharted 3 also got THE BEST GRAPHICS AWARD.

Ducky2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

... unfortunately, it didn't get the majority of 'overall GOTY' awards.

Cyrax_872199d ago

My GOTY was Portal 2, just too good even though I love Uncharted. Twisted Metal will most likely be my GOTY this year too xD

tachy0n2199d ago

SUB HD GAME CALLED BEST GRAPHICS hahahahahahh!!! GOTY awards were so biased just like the soccer world cup.

SnotyTheRocket2195d ago

Pay no attention to the Troll-Elitest. Move along, go about your day.

gapecanpie2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

"minimal to no glitches or problems."

You're joking right? UC3 is fill with glitches, it like ND knew Sony was going to buy them out so they just didn't care about cleaning the glitches up.

UC2>UC3 Which is a shame.

Knushwood Butt2199d ago

I agreed.

I'll take UC2 over UC3 any day.

Better story, characters, and probably gameplay too.

UC3 really didn't add very much, and the 'ain't broke don't fix it' thing just means that UC2 was fine as it is.

I much prefer Bend Studio's take on the series with Golden Abyss. For example, they took the mindless treasure collecting from UC3 (unchanged from UC2) and developed it by mixing in photography and the 'rubbings'. They also made stories around these elements, to group them into something with more meaning, rather than just some shining object that you keep an eye open for, pick up, then totally forget about (as in UC3, for example).

Sorry, but ND dropped the ball in UC3 and just went for the easy route of making the game look damn pretty so most people wouldn't be so quick to criticize the lame story, poorly developed characters, padding sequences, and horrible tagged on back story of Sully being Nate's foster father and partner for the last 20 years.

Bring on the disagrees without any actual counter arguments....

Knushwood Butt2199d ago

No glitches???

I got stuck inside a lantern thing in that section where you throw the burning sticks into the lanterns.

So yeah, glitches are or were there...

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AgentWD402199d ago

but not GOTY, for me it was skyrim for the sheer amount of quality in a game of that size deserves a lot of credit

gunnerforlife2199d ago

you mean the same game that froze on my brother 3 times at different points of the game after hours and hours of playing and then had to start all over again because it wouldn't load, that game? yeah no ill never vote for a game like that, lazy devs dont deserve money when they bring out a 90% complete game!

dinkeldinkse2199d ago

I thought my freezing after 15 minutes of playing time, IF it didn't freeze while loading was bad.

metsgaming2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Skyrim, quality? ROFL

certainly not in the bug department

ps3dude442199d ago

despite all of the bugs, skyrim imo is a quality game. cant wait for update 4.1 on the ps3.

xPhearR3dx2199d ago

It is on 360. Over 200 hours and not a single game breaking glitch. A giant sending me 20,000 feet in the air doesn't hurt my experience at all. If you haven't learned already, the internet blows everything out of proportion.

MysticStrummer2199d ago

@Phear - I play Skyrim on PS3 and haven't had a single game breaking bug either. Does that mean they don't exist? No. All versions of Skyrim have had multiple major problems, including the 360 version. Bethesda acknowledges this, so why can't you? It's both comical and sad that Skyrim won so many awards.

xPhearR3dx2199d ago


That could be said about any game, including Uncharted 3. Fact is, Bethesda has had a bad history with bugs in their games. So it's easy for people to say Skyrim is unplayable. Yet they turn around and say "I'm not a hater, I've put 100 hours into the game". If you can put 100 hours into a game before something "game breaking" happens, that's not bad at all. Sure, it shouldn't happen in the first place, but a game of this size glitches are to be expected. Anyone that expected a bug free game the size of Skyrim is fooling themselves.

What's sad is that Skyrim has become so popular it's the game to hate on, just like COD.

kaveti66162199d ago

"I play Skyrim on PS3 and haven't had a single game breaking bug either."

*proceeds to complain about the game's bug problem*

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mynameisEvil2199d ago

Personally, and I KNOW for a fact that tons of people will disagree with me, Serious Sam 3 is my game of the year.

Also, I've had a lot of fun with inFAMOUS 2 and Uncharted 3. Skyrim would be on this list too, but the most recent update crashes my game regularly and whenever I enter a building, thus immediately throwing that out the window...

mamotte2199d ago

No, because my opinion doesnt have to be the same as everyone else. My GOTY is Ghost Trick.

Bathyj2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

Lots of gamers are.

Skyrim was great, but it cant match Uncharted's thrills or polish, not to mention the sheer amount of gamebreaking glitches Skyrim has (on all systems)like quests that get hung.

I still think LBP2 is way underrated, and probably one of the best games ever made, but Uncharted is the total package. I think it was knocked alot because after UC2, it was still just as good but lacked the WOW factor. We just weren't surprised anymore, we expected greatness.

Regardless, GotY is personal preference, and those are my top 3.