Wii U games need to be innovative

Thomas East: We've finally entered the year of the Wii U release date. Nintendo has told us that their new console is going to be unleashed upon the world at some stage this year, with a lot of details more than likely to be announced at E3 this June (although Reggie has promised that we'll get Wii U details throughout 2012!).

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Colwyn2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

wii u games need to be good. it also needs to be up to the quality and technology of the next gen xbox and playstation 4

Colwyn2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I guess I'm wrong with my the thinking that the wii u needs to be up to the quality and technology of the ps4 and next xbox because the wii was able and had a lot of the third party games on ps3 and xbox 360. I forgot that the wii had games like skyrim, gta 4, battlefield 3, m.o.h, ninja gaiden, crysis 2 and a lot of others. The difference between mw3 on the hi def consoles and the wii is like night and day in quality and tech. The wii u is suppose to be able to support third party games so it needs to be powerful enough where developers won't have to downgrade quality of their games to fit the wii u. Most developers also won't be making next gen games for the wii u also and the third party games it'll support will most likely be a lot of ps3 and xbox 360 games.

Its also silly to think that the next xbox and ps4 won't be very powerful more than the current hi def consoles and going by Nintendos track record, its also silly to think it'll be as powerful as the ps4. Look at the companies track record about previous consoles. Remember when developers said that the 3ds is as powerful as a xbox 360?

Nintendo have already set a precedent among most developers and some realizes that only Nintendo 1st party games will sell well on their systems. most Nintendo wii titles did well for Nintendo and not third party companies

dark-hollow2349d ago

" current hi def consoles and going by Nintendos track record"

Yeah, a track record of ONE console behind the curve out of FIVE up to date consoles.

Nes, snes, n64 and gamecube all were pretty powerful for their time.

GraveLord2349d ago

yeah COD games aren't exactly the most demanding games yet they need to be really dumbed down for to run on the Wii.

Titanz2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

The rest is just an imaginative desire. Truth be told - I'd love Nintendo to make the Wii U beastly, but you have to put everything in perspective, and realize that technological superiority for gaming consoles, hasn't impacted the gaming industry a well as moderately powered consoles have.

matey2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

look these days a Radeon HD 6200 gpu comes on a £380 acer computer so its not like back in the day the WiiU is using AMD's very best most current graphics technology their words m8 so think Custom Radeon HD gpu based on the best tech used in their Radeon line of gpu's and a custom power7 cpu 4/6 core using Watson technology ie tons and tons of EDRAM the WiiU going off what we know already is a beast and the question is will Microsoft/Sony be able to invest in something as good.

Its not a given that Sony/Micro will have a more powerful console in fact rumours have it Sony wont even make a new console so my bet is Nintendo will keep specs under wraps so they have the most power Next-Gen.

Khordchange2350d ago

THe little mini games like chase mii seem like fun. Im sure it will get the casuals interested as well.

N4g_null2350d ago

This will be a mw3 moment. Every one will complain the fanboys and rival employees will try to do viral negative campaigns. Yet once you see the graphics and the interaction I'm sure every one will sign up for one.

The truth is current hd graphics lack a good frame rate and real hd games. That has been fixed on the wiiu. What we call hd gaming right now is a shame.

It's weird how you guys expect current pc tech to be in Sony and ms next box yet complain about the susposely weaker system costing more. On top it all. Most of you don't even know what a powerful system config looks like. Then the whole new ip thing is hilarious.

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