Universal-Gamer Impressions: Asura's Wrath and FFXIII

To summarize, the Asura's Wrath demos and Final Fantasy XIII-2 are spectacular! But, I will go in detail about why these games are good and why you should give them a chance.

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Ranma12319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

As a Final Fantasy fan i am hilariously more interested on Asura´s Wrath demo than the FFXIII-2 one.

...and that makes me sad :(

Lovable2319d ago

Can't wait for FF 13-2. It's gonna be a blast playing that game hehe...

Valorous_Entity2319d ago

Maybe I would like XIII-2 more if I didn't cringe every time a character opens their mouth. And I'm not talking about the voice acting, I'm talking about the dialogue. Even the best VA can't save crappy dialogue.

Not to mention I don't like the monsters in your party thing at all. So yeah gonna pass on this one and save $60.

mayberry2317d ago

Asura´s Wrath demo was so over the top! First part was too easy, I didnt know the controls very well and just mashed triangle till I passed it. Second half was amazing! When that huge finger enterd the atmosphere and burst into flames then crushed dude, I was laughing out loud at how crazy it was!