Retrospective Doom: It didn't just change gaming forever - it changed gamers.

Holy s***, there's a monster in the lift.

That's not supposed to happen. The lift is the end of the level. It's a safe zone, a chance for a breather before the game totals your score. For God's sake, it's a universally acknowledged cessation of hostilities. But this time, there's a monster in the lift and both my friend and I physically reel with shock, spasming backwards as the thing lurches towards us. Later, at school, we'll laugh with our classmates at all the stories of involuntary noises and slapstick jerking that this new game produces. Then we'll go home and make it happen again.

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Lelldorianx2351d ago

I still think the Barney mod was more terrifying than the original game!

"I love you.... you love me...."

It just got louder, and louder, and louder, and then... BAM!

SolidGear32350d ago

I have tons of good memories over Doom back in the day. I've owned Doom or Doom II for the following systems at one point or another..

Sega 32X
Sega Saturn
Atari Jaguar
Super NES
Nintendo 64 (Doom 64 Version)
Sony PlayStation (the only version I currently own - long box)
Game Boy Advance

Dan502350d ago

I still have the Collectors Edition for the PC, I got the .wad files for each game and run them with GzDoom. I have LOTS of wads, megawads and P3K files to play them with. If your into gore I suggest giving the mod Brutal Doom a go. :D