CVG: Left 4 Dead 3: What we want to see

Jake Denton: We know Valve's track record, or the lack thereof, with the number three prevents another entry in the Left 4 Dead series ever being made, but we've still got plenty of requests on our big ideas list.

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Harelgur2350d ago

We dont want to see L4D3.
or any continuation of that franchise.

Lelldorianx2350d ago

L4D was so weird for me. I sort of liked it, but it also had a great habit of pissing me off.

LOGICWINS2350d ago

"CVG: Left 4 Dead 3: What we want to see"

A PS3 version

Rush2350d ago

Why does everything on this site have to relate back to a crappy console version.

L4D is a game that can and should be played on the PC.

one2thr2350d ago

@rush the game looks just as crappy on pc...
Just because you dress up a piece of shit, doesn't change the fact that its still a turd...
Fyi... I only own it on pc, and I actually enjoy playing it as well only when I get tired of BF3

LOGICWINS2350d ago

@Harelgur- Why would it bother you to see LFD3 come to light? Couldn't you just not buy it and allow the people who ARE interested in it to buy it? Very weird mentality you have.

MariaHelFutura2350d ago

I just want it to be more like L4D1 and less like L4D2. Plus, looking a bit better wouldn't hurt.

Valenka2350d ago

Well some people do, let them have their fun.

evilunklebud2349d ago

Then don't buy it.... derp.

I enjoyed both.

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BillytheAlien2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Just incase people are interested, the things they want to see are

More atmospheric
More variety in maps and guns
New survivors
More plot

All I really want to see is for Valve to go back to what made L4D so great in the first place. I know theres a lot of people who respect Valve, I do aswell but you have to admit they messed up with the L4D franchise. They could of updated the first one like they do with TF2 but they didn't...they didn't want L4D to be known as a game from Turtlerock studio so they made L4D2 and changed things which made L4D so great....was it a good game still, sure, it was pretty good but the added light hearted atmosphere, cheap laughs, bright uplifting mood, average characters and melee weapons kind of ruined what L4D was all about, plus some of the new infected like the Jockey were ridiculous. I was just disappointed that Valve had made promises before the games launch saying things like "Don't worry there might not be a lot on the disc but we'll be updating this like TF2" only for them to announce a sequel 5-6 months later. Lets be honest they could of done most of the stuff in L4D2 in L4D.

The one thing I really loved about the first game was the characters and even then Valve tried to kill L4D once and for all by killing a much loved character off, then giving us an excuse like "Oh it's about realism and story" even though they said L4D was not about story which is why the game didn't have cutscenes. Hell they could of killed Rochelle off by making a DLC after the Parish but decided to kill Bill off instead

The one thing I want to see in L4D3 are the old survivors

Valve could easily make it so the DLC the Passing and the sacrafice are "What If" scenarios if the old survivors decided to go south instead of North to Canada where they were going in the first place. Least then Bill would still be alive.

Anyway add the old survivors with a deeper story, more dialouge, character development and cutscenes and L4D3 could be amazing.

Sizzon2350d ago

Half-Life 3 first Valve please :D

acemonkey2350d ago

i would like to see more story and cutscenes....maybe some RPG elements...not tryin to sound fanboyish but i wanna see it on the ps3...its my main system now so lol please but it on the ps3...add maybe 6 people co op too

CapsLocke2350d ago

Well, let's start from we don't like to see L4D3 at all. Half-Life 3 or GTFO.

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