Can THQ Recover In 2012? (

THQ had a rough gaming season last year, but 2012 could be the year it bounces back. explains how.

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Lelldorianx2253d ago

I'd like to see them get closer to their roots, but I'm not certain that'll happen. THQ was actually quite good at making RTS games, but that genre is just so small in general that I don't know if it has enough of an audience to bring them back to life.

NYC_Gamer2253d ago

i really don't care since Metro is the only that title brought from this company in many years

Tonester9252253d ago

If they revive the Def Jam fighting game under their brand... I think it might save them IMO. Someone has to do it

Tonester9252252d ago

Um, I know. But they don't own Def Jam. Thats why I said "Under their brand"

koh2253d ago

As long as they don't completely blow the South Park game, I think that will be extremely profitable. I know there are a lot of gamers who love SP and vice versa.

DanSolo2253d ago

Yeah that South Park game is looking good, if they pull it off it could be one of the surprise gaming gems of the year!

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