Which Gamer Stereotype Are You? Gaming Personalities Defined

Gamers Nexus: "Sometimes, despite the stigma associated with them, it's fun to figure out which stereotype is linked to our gaming play styles. Besides being sort of fun and self-indulgent, it's also a fantastic way of figuring out which games you might like and which you're likely to get bored of rapidly."

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xtremexx1928d ago

im the guy who destroys everything then feel sorry and create :D

Lelldorianx1928d ago

I think I'm probably a mix of the Creator and Explorer.

nix1928d ago

i am the stingy one... every time i play RPG i never use large potions to heal myself.. i dunno what i'm saving those huge potions for. he he heh... q;

and i don't whore myself for trophies... i just finish the game at my own pace which also means i'm way below the average gamers when it comes to gaming.

limewax1928d ago

I seem to be a mix of most oddly enough, I explore a lot, create a lot, and endlessly horde my potions as if I expect the four horsemen to demand a fight at some point. I will never understand what my 99 mega-elixirs were preparing me for back on the PS1

Ranma11928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I am the extremist rpg fan. My fav series is FF.

I love FF, but it really hurts to see the series go down the toilet.

Oh why oh why has Yoichi Wada not been assassinated by a ninja yet?

Better...why didnt he commit Hara-Kiri for the shame he brought to the series.

That man has no honour...

Velox1928d ago

Haha, I'm the same. Blow up all the things in minecraft, then build :d

Velox1928d ago

Definitely destroyer. I murder those casuals!

TheGOODKyle1928d ago

Explorer and destroyer definitely. Probably why I like Kingdom Hearts as much as I do x.x

Ranma11928d ago

I am the type of gamer who complains a lot, even about the smallest of things....i want my favourite series of all time (Final Fantasy) to be perfect....right now its far from that

Lelldorianx1928d ago

Hehe, the senile, critical gamer? Nothing wrong with that.

Lelldorianx1928d ago

I just added the 'Adventurer' category based on many of the answers here. I think that about covers it for those who are a mix of destroyers and story-lovers!

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The story is too old to be commented.