New Gameplay Of Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita

A new Resistance game will be making its way to the PSVita soon and all Resistance fans may be looking forward to playing it on the PSVita or at least seeing how well it was made, thanks to the guys of at Inside Gaming who had an interview an Insomniac employee we now have some new gameplay to show you.

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Colwyn2375d ago

i cant wait for this game. ill be supporting the vita more than anything else in 2012 because there are 10 games i want at launch and more that are announced to be released in 2012. im so excited for the vitas games. thank you sony for a handheld that caters to all gamers with a lineup of games that appeal to all types

xtremexx2375d ago

vita games do look pretty good :D

Abash2375d ago

Sony needs to market the hell out of this game. Console experience online FPS gaming on a handheld is pretty big, they need to make this the Vita's premier game for online play

TooTall192375d ago

Just like Resistance: FoM was.

-Alpha2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

They'll get that with a title like CoD, but I don't think Resistance will have that must have appeal for MP.

IMO they need to promote the games like Gravity Daze, I think there is a good market of RPG/Japanese fans here in North America both from the PSP fanbase and the fans of console Japanese games of the PS2 days. Consoles just aren't hitting that stride but handhelds have kept those kinds of titles alive.

Abash2375d ago

@ alpha

Sony isnt stupid, they are well aware of the appeal of FPS games especially for online. It's no coincidence that Resistance: Burning Skies is releasing so close to launch.

The plan is to get the game out as the first FPS with online for Vita buyers so people looking for a competitive online multiplayer experience or console FPS experience will be drawn in.

KeybladeMaster2375d ago

My wallet is already feeling the crush from the PSVita. I have bought so many things:

PSVita First Edition Bundle
32GB Memory Stick
Over $100 in PSN Cards to Buy:
Gravity Rush
ModNation Racers: Road Trip
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

So much money and yet I will be so happy.

xtremexx2375d ago

looks pretty good liked the first resistance hope its like that.

Lelldorianx2375d ago

Not bad for a handheld device!

xtreampro2375d ago

Why is it so flippin dark in there? I can hardly see the game, and why is the camera man pointing the camera at a stupid angle? I think a license should now be required before you're aloud to use a camera because most people can't use a camera.

Especially the idiots who shake all over the place as if they're taking footage while riding a flippin horse.

Young_ART2375d ago

Lol no more using the face buttons in place of the second analog stick!

i wonder if this'll ever get a socom game. That series was huge multiplayer wise on the psp, along with syphon filter!

i hate what they've done to my favorite series though
(socom :'( )

AscendantX2375d ago

I think Unit 13 might be what you're looking for.

Young_ART2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

wow i never knew about this title, thanks.

and why the heck did i get disagrees? i appreciated the fact that there was a 2nd analog now, named the 2 most popular psp multiplayer games, and said i miss the real

dude...ugh that looks too similar to socom 4 :(

brettyd2375d ago

It seems like alot of people on N4G didnt play the classic SOCOM games, i get attacked everytime i say something bad about S4. I agree with you, Zipper ruined the SOCOM franchise, Unit 13 looks exactly like S4 but some of the missions i've seen look more like Socom than S4. So there is hope. Just have to deal with the crappy camera.

Hopefully Sony gives a good def the reigns on a new SOCOM title.

dj_drumc2375d ago

Syphon filter on psp was brilliant...hopefully Gabe will appear on the vita also (ps3 version as well maybe?)

Young_ART2374d ago

not too long ago sony announced a ps3 syphon filter was in development >:)

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