Loose Threads: Can the PSP overtake the DS in 2008?

The DS is the footloose and fancy free play thing, with its collection of idiosyncratic interfaces that seek to disarm you with their simplicity before hooking you in with the ferocity of crack-flavoured Pringles. The PSP, meanwhile, is a much more serious beast. It wants to impress you with its technology and outside of placing a 'Do not touch' sign on its rear, the handheld has a 'gamers only' feel to it – it's about as inviting for your grandmother as a Marlyn Manson after show party. Just like most consoles before it, then.

And so it is the DS that has lead the charge in the modern handheld gaming world thus far, with sales nigh-on par with the original GameBoy (which, incidentally, is the best selling console of all time) and the momentum showing no sign of dropping.

But surely a comeback for the PSP isn't out of the question? After all, it's a great little console and has plenty of potential left to realise. The revised Slim & Lite model has taken Japan by storm and should see a strong performance this Christmas. Could it be third year lucky for PSP?

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SaiyanFury3899d ago

Who cares if the DS is selling better than the PSP. I have both systems (my DS was handed down to me from my wife when she bought the DS Lite) and I barely ever look at the DS. It just "feels" wrong balance-wise. I don't like the way the top screen puts weight on the top of the system. I also don't like the whole stylus idea. The PSP on the other hand "feels" more like a game system. One simple high res screen is all I need for my games, and with a great games lineup like Tenchu Shinobi Taizen, Final Fantasy Tactics - The Lion War, and MGS: Portable Ops, I don't need anything on the DS. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Sony fanboy, I'm merely speaking of a personal opinion. Nor am I trying to rag on the DS. It's not a bad system by ANY means and if people enjoy it I'm happy for them. I just don't see any games on it that I have any personal interest in nor do I find it particularly ergonomic.

superman3899d ago

Cant see it happening, DS will keep selling. Still wish they bring Crisis Core to America.

Prismo_Fillusion3899d ago

Nah, no chance in hell.
But the next gen handheld war might be fun if the systems are released in the same time period.

MK_Red3898d ago

Agreed and agreed.
The next battle would be really fun, specially with the possible 3rd or 4th rivals. Sega, MS, Apple and few others are all candidates to join the war to fight Sony and Nintendo.

nn3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Even i like the PSP more (it helped me overcome my flying fear) I have to say that I don’t see that happening. People are buying DS like crazy (I remember when my wife wanted to buy a second one only because was pink).

sajj3163899d ago

The PSP and DS caters to 2 different types of gamers. There is room for 2 hand helds in the market. I would like to point out though, the need for quick gaming in the handheld world, which Nintendo has down. Quality software + no load time is a great thing. The back catalogue of GBA games don't hurt it either.

I'm very much looking forward to the next gen versions of DS and PSP.

Considering this is Sony's first venture into the handheld space, I consider it a success.

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