TLR: Captain Commando Retro Review

Ms Throwback of TLR writes "It may be one of the biggest missed opportunities for a focused series in Capcom history. Nevertheless Captain Commando is a cool collected game and a must play for someone searching for a classic co-op."

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kingPoS2374d ago

Captain Commando was easy Spiderman Arcade was a black hole for quarters. 5 dollars did nothing, it was never enough! LOL

Taxman do your magic again plz!!!

bacrec12374d ago

I never got to play Spider-man arcade. I heard there were random guest characters in it though.

kingPoS2373d ago

I don't know about the guests but the main four were
Hawkeye, Blackcat, Spiderman & Submariner.
Still haven't beat it yet. lol

They should release a compilation Of Arcade games like that sega genesis collection.