TLR: GTA 3 Review

J. Valdez of TLR Writes "The full game is 4.99 (price may or may not be different in the Android market). They practically give you the game. With that price, the replay value, and the nostalgic land of Liberty City, its hard to give this game a low rating."

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Wintersun6162346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Unfortunately the Android version is nearly unplayable on my SGS2 due to constant random crashes. (If anyone can suggest possible fixes, feel free to PM me.) Such a shame, especially because Rockstar did a very good job with this. As far as I've gotten (10-ish missions in) the controls seem to be good enough to play it when you have nothing better at hand.

bacrec12346d ago

Bubble up my friend. I didnt know about that.