First Look: PlayStation Vita (Part Two) (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Once again First Look is here to show you more of the PlayStation Vita. Today we are showing you the console’s Remote Play feature and Welcome Park."

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GribbleGrunger2231d ago

lovely. how can anyone not be impressed with that!!! i need to start saving

CyberGrim2231d ago

Tell me about it GribbleGrunger, the screen alone makes me want to have one right now. Couple that with the games that are going to follow and the Vita has the chance to be something very special indeed.

Antholex2231d ago

Anyone want to lend me some money so I can buy one of these? :P

MasterCornholio2231d ago

Finally a true Next Generation Portable



GodisaGeek2231d ago

If you've any questions about the device, please feel free to ask them via our comments section, or tweet us on @GodisaGeek.

Please keep them hardware only for now.

Part 3 of the first look comes tomorrow :-)

MasterCornholio2231d ago

How resistant is the screen to scratches?


GodisaGeek2230d ago

Seems pretty good so far. The screen in general is less 3DS, more iPad. Incredibly responsive, hopefully you can see in the videos (part three today, part one on our site already) that you can zip around the menus with speed and ease.

Like most touch screens, it smudges easily, but we've not seen a nicer touch screen on gaming device.