Top 5 games hurt by "Innovation"

PSBeyond looks at some video games that show how risky innovation can be

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Pushagree2194d ago

What? LA Noire is one of the best games this generation.

TheDareDevil2194d ago

Right? LA Noire was such an awesome game and I agree you couldn't explore the city but this isn't meant to be a sandbox game! It was a Team Bondi game and NOT a Rockstar game(even though R* did help in completing the game).

Young_ART2194d ago

heavy rain?..LA Noire?.....a gamecube game?? o_o

AusRogo2194d ago

I liked LA Noire, and wasnt Heavy Rain highly praised?

gillri2194d ago

first perison platforming doesnt work?

he must not have played Metroid prime then

DaReapa2194d ago

For that matter, he must not have played Mirror's Edge either.

SolidGear32194d ago

Heavy Rain and L.A. Noire plus throw in Catherine and you have the 3 most original and innovative games this gen.

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