Next-Gen's Top 10 Game Design Innovations of 2007

Everybody loves top ten lists, so this year Next-Gen's James Portnow decided to put one together for design decisions. In order to make it on this list a game not only had to be innovative in its own right, but also had to contain an innovation that could have a major impact on game design in the future.

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MK_Red3873d ago

Incredibly awesome find.
Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Portal. Definitly 3 of my faves and 3 of the most innovative games in recent memory.

Bolts3873d ago

Other than line rider, which is a WTF choice, the list is dead on. Speaking of dead, I can't believe Next Generation is still around.

tony3873d ago

portal is an awesome and great short game.

lynx1halo3873d ago

it did take a lot off balls for warhawk to just drop the wholw single player campaign with an almost finished product......But look at the beauty of how it turned out

riqued3873d ago

Yeah, but I wish that they make an episodic content about the war. That would be so cool!