Big Games of 2012: Sony Plays Portable Ball with MLB 12 The Show

LAS VEGAS – Baseball started early at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012). Sony Computer Entertainment America featured its first PS Vita sports title, MLB 12 The Show, at its booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The latest installment of the number-one selling and rated Major League Baseball game franchise introduces cross-platform gameplay. Gamers who own both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita game can use the cloud to save and progress through the game’s options. Sony San Diego offers a PS Vita walkthrough of the new game in this exclusive video below.

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LettingGo2196d ago

Finally! Good portable sports games! I am probably getting this for Vita AND PS3!

DARKrage342196d ago

This guy looks like a skinny version of Mark May...

Can't flippin' wait to play the SHOW again!