HQ4Games: Final Fantasy X HD: A Chance to Redeem a Classic

HQ4Games says: "Known as an entry level title for newcomers to the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy X is akin to Final Fantasy VII in fan reception. Laughable dialogue and, on the surface, generic characters lead older fans to disregard the title as a generic jrpg. Yet from my own perspective as a fan, Final Fantasy X is an installment which was prey to issues that, at the time, could not be helped. Square Enix’s announcement to work on an HD reboot is both exciting and worrisome. The PS3’s recent chain of HD remakes has thus far been unimpressive; offering corrected graphic blemishes and adjusting screen ratios for HD effect. But Final Fantasy X sufferers from more than aging poorly, and this remake is a genuine chance to show the title in a proper light"

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Wintersun6162199d ago

Knowing Square-Enix today, there's a good chance to destroy a classic too. I hope they don't touch the gameplay and minigames at all.

Ranma12198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Lets hope they dont add an auto battle feature (unless its like that of Persona and Suikoden, where it constantly chooses "attack" option, not the most "effective" attacks/magics).

Keep the battle system the same !

Limitedsphere2198d ago

Yea, the battle system got to remain precisely as i where! It is one of the best systems ever in a FF game! They are allowed to tweak it with a little extra, but they should really nurse the core!

limewax2198d ago

Personally I found it to be the most refined by far. The ability to see the next 10 or so turns made for a much more strategical game, You really knew when you had to decide between risking life and limb for that final blow or hoping your healing will survive the oncoming barrage

slayorofgods2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

It's funny that people that loved FF10 hated FF13. They are so similar, FF10 is also a easy, linear game that is mostly cgi. (Not calling these games bad, just saying they are less deep)

If you want exploration and deep game play try FF12. This is one of my personal favorite games of the series by the way. However, everyone hated on it for being so different. So SE went back to the old linear gameplay in FF13.

Nerdmaster2198d ago

Below is a comment I made before in another article.

'Well, to be fair, they actually tried to emulate X (the best in the series) with XIII. They made a version of the Sphere Grid, they made a focused/linear game, they put more emphasis on the plot and the characters...

But they destroyed the "Sphere Grid" by making us follow a strict path; they removed any side-quests, towns and whatnot and made the game too linear; the plot was a mess and the characters were awful.'

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iamtehpwn2198d ago

Actually, I don't know if you've guys have played the remakes of FF3 or 4, but if there's anything Square Enix can do right nowadays it's a remake. They also added a lot of new features and elements that didn't ruin the original game's balance or play.

If they could do the same thing with higher quality graphics (Take FFX and possible add some additional quests and the rumored Blitzball PSN multiplayer), it'd be incredible.

coryok2198d ago

i very much enjoyed the ff4 ds remake

psn blitzball sounds amazing

Baka-akaB2198d ago

ah you guys and your eternal gloom , when has Square enix even failed a remake so far ? At "worst" they leave it intact

iamtehpwn2198d ago


They were Linear, except X did Linearity properly.

That's because people are improperly criticizing Final Fantasy XIII. The game was very flawed, but to say the biggest flaw was linearity is inaccurate. The real problem with Final Fantasy XIII was the incredible lack of variety. There was nothing to do outside of what they forced you to do. There were no towns to revisit, minigames to play, or anything outside to of walking forward and fighting monsters. Even the battles like variety. Stragger, repeat. Stragger, Repeat.

X had lots of variety and the linearity helped structure that. XIII had no variety so linearity didn't really change much. Even if XIII wasn't linear, all it would be a giant field of Monsters. Then it would instead of being parodied as a hallway of monsters, it'd be called an empty field of monsters.

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Ranma12198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

I felt FFX was the last great FF, anyone else?

FFX was my first experience of an FF, before that i had never played a game with such strategic gameplay and epic story, and awesome characters like Auron....thats what FF used to be about ! It wasnt just about good graphics like today


Afrobutt2198d ago

It's a weird question to answer (for myself, anyway). I thought FFXII was a well-made game, yet I don't really acknowledge it as a main-series FF game. It belongs in that strange Ivalice Alliance category. So yes and no.

Jihaad_cpt2198d ago

totally agree I really like XII even though X was my favorite

gamernova2198d ago

I loved final fantasy 7,8,9,10,and I liked X-2 only because I wanted to see tidus and yuna back together :)

dmixwell2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

it was. though it is our opinion , ff has not delivered any thing close to that magic formula they created many years ago since ff x.

on topic (sort of)i don't understand why they would start with X, why not VI and work on up. its only fair to the fans that has been around from the start

Snookies122198d ago

You're so right... I freaking love FFX, and hope they add some great things to the remake (Which I WILL buy for both ps3 and vita). I want them to leave mechanics the same however! Don't change things, just add to them! Lip synching would be really nice too, International version is a must... If they do all that right I will be extremely happy.

Also, I do wish they'd remake FFVI, it is arguably the best FF in the series, why it and FFVII never got a remake, I'll never understand when they keep redoing FFIV on every handheld system they can. FFIV is a great game, but let others have their chance too...

BitbyDeath2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Slapping HD textures on FFVI -> FFIX would not look as impressive.

They'd have to rebuild each title from the ground up. FFX wouldn't take anywhere near as long to complete.

Afrobutt2198d ago

they're doing X because the ten year anniversary is either this year or the next.

-Gespenst-2198d ago

You might be right. Although I really like XII but for very different reasons than the previous 10 (I don't count XI)

I like XIII, but yes, every game before it was kind of better. (The music and visuals / design are absolutely phenonmenal though)

Honestly I can't decide which is my favourite between VII and X. And I doubt I'll ever be able to. Two of the finest games ever made.

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SpaceFox2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

English lip-synching and the International version are a must.

I don't really care about making every scene "cinematic", that's really unnecessary if you ask me. But I just want what the characters are saying to match their mouths. Nothing else really needs to be changed, it's a wonderful game.

LoLZoRz2198d ago

can't wait for the remake, FFX has such a nostalgic and beautiful atmosphere.

Panthers2198d ago

This game is amazing. My 2nd favorite RPG after FFVII. So many hours spent playing this and beating all of the extra bosses.

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