New details about MLB 12 The Show ball physics and tag animation

TheBottomTicker writes, "Continuing our coverage of the game, today we are looking at the brand new baseball physics mechanic. With a goal of making the game more “organic”, the MLB 12 The Show team ripped out all of the old baseball code, learned all new physics, and wrote it into the game. The result sounds amazing."

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coolasj2227d ago

Regardless of what anyone say, Sony's MLB : The Show , games always have top notch animation. No other game has ever tricked me into thinking I was watching actual TV, even for a second, like this series has.

metsgaming2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

I just dont like the core mechanics of the show. Everything else is great but the way you hit is annoying. I have 09 and you have to move the stick to where the ball will be in the zone and it just to hard. I love how MVP used to handle it. They have been changing it like every year there mechanics change but none work nearly as well as MVP's mechanic. Will play the demo to see how it is this year and compare it to the others. And 2k is a joke. I hear that EA might start making MVP again and hopefully they pickup right where they left off.