12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Card Discounted to $39.99

"This morning, Amazon dropped the price of 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold membership cards $20!

Grab a 12 Month Xbox LIVE Gold Card for $39.99 (Save $20) with Free shipping at Amazon!

Can be used to create a new account or extend an existing membership!"

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DarthJay2349d ago

Spoken like true fanboys. I'd pay an average of $5 a month for XBox Live party alone, but y'all wouldn't know nothing about that. Oh yeah, and you never will.

jdktech20102349d ago

I own both consoles and I do feel like xbox live is just more complete than PSN though I do enjoy the freeness of it so as long as it works, that's all you can ask for.

Personally I've always had xbox live at that 40 dollar price point or lower if your a smart consumer so that comes out to about 3.50 a idea how I can't afford that

Captain Qwark 92349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

agree 100%, i cant remember the last time i paid full price for it and this time will be no different, purchasing now....

DarthJay2349d ago

Agreed on all fronts in that I own both consoles, enjoy everything about XBox a million times more and have never, ever had to pay full price for XBox Live.

But even if I did, I will continue to prefer it over getting PSN free. The real waste of money is PSN+. Paid for that and other than Alter Beast and a few stupid wall papers, I have absolutely no idea what I paid for.

Oh, and I still couldn't talk to people.

yesmynameissumo2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

So you missed out on Tomb Raider, Back to the Future, Marvel Pinball and Swords and Soldiers...for free. Plus discounts on games like Darksiders for $15. I have zero issue with PSN or PS+. Being able to play with my friends, chat with them while we game together and to be able to do that for free is way more important to me than cross game chat. That's a fall back excuse, when it does't take away from the fact that on PSN you can play COD without having to pay again to play it online. There's no justifying paying $1 for XBL when what it offers should be free. If online MP wasn't wrapped in it, no one would buy it.

X_GAMER_X2349d ago

Anyone knows if amazon send those codes by email or home delivery?

jdktech20102349d ago

select online game code and they send it through email...purchased many a code from them

X_GAMER_X2349d ago

Thank you very much :)
I can use this in Norway right?

gillri2349d ago

IO have both and PS3 for teh awesome exclusives and teh blu-ray, XBox 360 for everything else

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