New Family Guy Online Screenshots & Concept Art Revealed

Building anticipation for the forthcoming launch of Family Guy Online, the team behind the videogame has revealed a selection of new screenshots taken directly from the in-development project. Not only that, but also a number of concept art drawing depicting some of the television show’s most popular characters.

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Justinakach0ppa2346d ago

Cannot wait to play this looks epic.

lugia 40002346d ago

We all know this will suck, but its family guy, so I WANNA.

KillerPwned2346d ago

I remember signing up for this in like 2010 lol.

BillytheAlien2346d ago

Shame they made an MMO, how about a massive open world game like Simpsons Hit and Run.

Choose your character, do character storylines, have special cars to unlock (TO THE HIDENPETER)

JaredH2346d ago

I don't understand how this can even work and try to be funny. They can't copy the show and cut to a random joke every 5 seconds that has nothing to do with anything.

Outside_ofthe_Box2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

You watch too much south park.

Family Guy doesn't cut to a random joke 'every 5 seconds.' And the jokes aren't random as they stem from what's currently going on in the show.

I honestly think that people that hate on family guy are not wise enough to comprehend the jokes and would rather watch cartman make poop for 30 minutes on south park. =/

JaredH2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Obviously I was exaggerating with "5 seconds" and I have seen Family Guy more than South Park actually. I stopped watching Family Guy 1 year ago though and did just start watching South Park for the first time.

The thing I hate about Family Guy is how they focus more on the jokes that aren't part of the story. People pronouncing words weird, Peter holding his knee for a minute, cutting to random old clips from tv and movies, fights with a chicken that's 3 minutes long, etc. Honestly it started looking like they just wanted to keep on adding stuff like that to lesson the amount of animation or the amount of thought needed. It was lauded as SO revolutionary when they made a whole episode where it didn't cut to something random. Really...

Detoxx2345d ago

Well.. Apparently you dont watch South Park either so just STFU

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