Amazing Battlefield 3 Video - Road Rage

We have had a lot of daring Battlefield 3 videos however i don't think I've seen something like this, in this video we see a buggy vs a huge helicopter and of course, all hell breaks loose.

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WolfLeBlack2199d ago

Well, that was 3-minutes of my time well spent :D

The jet slamming into the chopper was absolutely fantastic. Just another example of those battlefield moments that makes the series so much fun.

scrambles2199d ago

When half this stuff happens and its not acted out, it feels amazing.

Lelldorianx2199d ago

Agreed. As awesome as some of those jet videos are, they're infinitely cooler when it's actual gameplay. I love knowing that someone is laughing (or screaming) as a result of their death!

Hufandpuf2199d ago

That was just pure awesome, I hope to see more from this guy.

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