Top 5 Underrated Games of 2011

Invigilator - We all have games we love and hate, though some hate more than others. There are a few games out there that don’t get the coverage they deserve, so I thought I would share some of the games I’ve played and enjoyed, yet others have hated and ignored. Though there are some amazing titles out there, there are also a lot of under rated games which never get any discussion or recognition for how good they are.

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Tanir1985d ago

shadow of the damned is a crappy game, crap story, crap gameplay, repetitive as hell with those dark area's that u have to shoot the goats and stuff, the humor was lame. i couldn't finish it.

Merchant1985d ago

Everyone have their own taste but i think shadow of the demned is innovative game and it deserve better sales , sad thing causal gamer only like games like call of duty or Battlefield 3 which is same game like previous but still sell like hot cakes.

kevnb1985d ago

it was a misfire though, but atleast the werent afraid try something different.

MariaHelFutura1985d ago

Don't drag BF3 into this, BF3 is a great game.

SilentNegotiator1985d ago

"but i think shadow of the demned is innovative game"?

Innovative? Do tell.

Buuhan11984d ago

You're wrong, so wrong.

Shadows of the DAMNED was my favorite game for 2011. It was time we got a truly FUN and FRESH game. I consider it right there next to Portal 2 as best of 2011.

rhap1985d ago

I want to try Shadows of the Damned, but I've so many games to finish in my list. From those, I played El Shaddai demo only and couldn't get interested in the game.

Merchant1985d ago

I will recomamded you to try Shadow of the Damned,its innovative and great game :)

Baddo_Ekkusuchi1985d ago

im actually replaying it for the third time, goin for the platinum. this game is so entertaining, unless your one of them conservative types. i bet lollipop chainsaw will be fun as well

rhap1985d ago

That's what I was thinking. I really liked the concept of Shadows of the Damned, I'll eventually play it, and I can say the same about Lollipop Chainsaw, seems to be a fun game. Won't buy at release, but maybe when the price drops a bit.

Merchant1985d ago

Glad someone like me enjoy the game its sad games like this sales like shit and this thing also de-motivate the developer to make innovative games like that . I dont blame them because if ganes like Just Dannce sold 7 million copies so this is not their fault.

Dpa1985d ago

What a crappy article, so poorly written. Who approves crap like this?

kevnb1985d ago

4 of those games sucked ass, the other Ive never heard of.

SolidGear31985d ago

I'm afraid to ask what you do like then .. GTA? ::pukes::

Xandet1985d ago

Decent list, despite the fact that it looks to have been written by a 7 year-old.

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The story is too old to be commented.