Intense violence, partial nudity and more detailed for Yakuza: Dead Souls

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has released their rating summary for Yakuza: Dead Souls, detailing the game’s intense violence, partial nudity and other mature-rated contents.

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yesmynameissumo2374d ago

I really need to sit down with 3 and 4 before I go balls deep in Dead Souls.

Redempteur2374d ago

"Battles are accompanied by realistic gunfire and exaggerated splashes of blood. Some weapons decapitate and/or dismember enemies, resulting in headless torsos and scattered body parts."


yokokoroma2373d ago

Played demo in Japan, it's a great game! However I think it should've been co-op, it has enough characters to do so! In fact you'll be running around with an AI partner (but unlike RE:5, the AI in Dead Souls does what it's suppose to, ATTACK) who players could've took the role of! Who knows, maybe (MAYBE) it will be present in Yakuza 5!